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Afraid of Showing Up to Work a Sweaty Mess? 14 Hacks to Keep Dry and Cool Before, During and After Your Hot and Crowded Commute

August 23, 2019 5 min read

Hacks to Keep Dry during Your Hot, Crowded Commute

The hot and hectic commute to work every day can wreak havoc on your wardrobe, not to mention your ego. Nothing is worse than arriving at the office drenched in sweat. Your best shirt is soaked, your pants are swampy and your feet are little pools of sweaty discomfort. What a way to start the day!

When your body temperature rises, sweat is released through the endocrine sweat glands in your skin. It is a necessary evil as sweat moistens the surface of your body to produce a cooling effect when the water evaporates. However, if you are stressed on your way to work, this can cause you to sweat even more and consequently, stink since stress sweat often smells bad. Stress triggers your apocrine glands, which produce a substance that is oilier than the watery sweat produced when you are hot. This thicker excretion combines with bacteria on your skin, which causes unpleasant body odor.

Once you’re stuck on the crowded subway or bus, that’s when things can really start to heat up. Here are our top hacks to keeping your cool during a hot and crowded commute to work.

1. Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant

    One of the best ways to combat sweat during your daily commute is to address it before you even leave home. Start by using a clinical-strength antiperspirant either purchased from your local drug store, or by prescription through your doctor. 

    If you sweat excessively regardless of the temperature, you may have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Your doctor can provide a prescription-strength antiperspirant that will help. These antiperspirants contain higher contents of the active ingredient Aluminum Chloride to help more effectively fight that killer sweat you experience during your commute.

    2. Choose the Right Fabrics

    Changes to your wardrobe can also help. Breathable and lightweight fabrics, such as linen and cotton, keep you cooler and dry more quickly than most synthetic blends. If needed, wear casual, cool clothing to work and change when you get there. If you have an office, store your clothes there so you don’t have to carry them to work every day.

    3. The Shady Side of the Street

    If you can, avoid the sun and walk along the shady side of the street to the bus stop or subway entrance. This helps keep you a little cooler while you wait for your ride.

    4. Mini Personal Fan

    When you’re crammed shoulder-to-shoulder on public transit, cool breezes are hard to come by. A discreet personal fan, such as the kind you plug into your smart phone, is lightweight and can be adjusted to hit you in the right spot for quick cooling. Forget about fanning yourself with your hand. You’ll needlessly exert yourself, thus getting hotter and sweatier.

    5. Target Your Pulse Points

    When your body is overheating, nothing cools you off faster than something cool around your neck. Products such as an ice bandana sits comfortably around your neck to provide an instant jolt of temperature-defying frosty comfort. If chilled before use, it lasts for about 45 minutes so even a longer commute can be comfortable.

    cool off your body by applying something cool on your neck or pulse points

    Consider cooling other areas of your body with pulse points. Your wrists, elbows, ankles and behind the knees cool more quickly since the blood runs closer to the surface. Apply something cold to these spots to help manage your temperature.

    6. Hydrate Yourself Inside and Out

    You need to stay hydrated. That’s a given, but did you know that the more hydrated you are, the less your body attempts to cool itself through sweat? If you are drowning with boredom over water, carry a cold beverage in an insulated bottle or cup. Instead of opting for a sugary soda, try chilled smoothie or fruit slush to sip on your trip. This helps keep you cool because your stomach has thermoreceptors that regulate sweat output.

    Want the best of both worlds? Combine chilled water with a cooling spritz of mist. Take a few minutes to search the internet for vendors that sell these ingenious insulated containers with an attached mister.

    7. Pit Protecting Undershirts

    Protect your dress shirts from pit stains and odor with Ejis sweat proof undershirts. They’re highly effective if you sweat excessively under your arms with targeted water proof layers in the pits and silver-infused fabric to help you manage your temperature and body odor.

    tips to stay hydrated on the go

    8. Carry Wipes

    When that sweat starts dripping, keep yourself looking a little less damp. Antiperspirant wipes keep you feeling fresher. Look for a discreet place to wipe yourself. You can also carry basic refreshing baby wipes to daub at your brow and neck to keep the drips at bay.

    9. Combat Swamp Butt

    Combat your sweaty butt with Ejis sweat proof boxer briefs. The sweat proof technology stops excess sweat from pooling in your rear soaking your pants and dripping down your legs. The silver infused fabric fights odor-causing bacteria and helps manage your body temperature.

    10. Avoid Caffeine

    Even in the dead heat of summer it’s hard to part with your morning caffeine. Unfortunately, that jolt you get from coffee also causes dehydration. Hold off on grabbing a morning coffee until you arrive at work, so you don’t find yourself dying of thirst or sweating even more during your commute. Instead drink water while you’re en route to the office.

    11. Add More Vitamin C to Your Diet

    Vitamin C has been known to boost your heat tolerance and reduce heat stress. A win-win for heavy sweaters! Drink some orange juice or take a supplement to get more of the sweat-fighting vitamins. Ingesting 250 mg a day should do the trick.

    mint has cooling properties

    12. Chill with Mint

    Mint has cooling properties that can keep you feeling fresher. Toss some fresh mint in your chilled water, or chew mint or peppermint gum. It’ll also keep your breath fresh when crammed in the close quarters of public transportation.

    13. Keep Your Feet Comfy

    The combination of standing and excessive sweating can make your feet achy and damp. Having to go through the day with clammy feet is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to issues like foot fungus and stinky feet.

    Considering you have 250,000 sweat glands on the soles of your feet, you can expect to sweat like a beast in your shoes when it’s hot. Wipe antiperspirant on the top and bottom of each foot, making sure your feet are completely dry when you do so. Avoid using the same antiperspirant you use for your underarms as you don’t want to transfer bacteria from your feet to your pits! Then, put on a pair of Ejis antimicrobial dress socks to keep your feet dry and odor free.

    14. Cooler Minds Prevail

    When you think cool thoughts, you can trick your body into thinking it’s cooler. Picture a winter scene, a ski run or freezing in your over air-conditioned office to take your mind off the heat.

    Whether you tend to sweat excessively due to hyperhidrosis or get sweaty when the heat is overbearing, these “cool” hacks are sure to help.

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