Don't Be the Sweaty Guy at a Wedding. 7 Tips to Look and Feel Cool at a Big Event.

August 02, 2019 6 min read

8 Tips to Look and Feel Cool at a Big Event

It’s easy to blow off the painstaking details when planning a weekend with the guys. But a wedding weekend is different; it’s when one of your best friends is getting married. There will be public toasts. There will be dancing. And there will be available bridesmaids looking for a wedding “goggles” hookup.

A wedding weekend is every sweaty guy's worst nightmare.

Quite simply, a wedding weekend is every sweaty guy’s worst nightmare. You might as well be giving a last-minute presentation to the CEO and Board of Directors in your underwear after eating an extra spicy burrito platter at lunch.

Lucky for you, we have some practical tips to help you look – and feel – cool all weekend long. If you plan ahead and take it way-too-seriously now, you will be able to enjoy yourself later knowing that you have what you need.


Don’t leave anything to chance. Pretend you’re camping – in the Sahara or on the base of Everest. Take the time to consider each possible scenario ahead of time. You’ll thank yourself later. Being prepared will help calm your nerves and may even lessen your stress sweat.

Start by breaking up your weekend into 6-hour blocks. Most wedding weekends have itineraries that include pre-wedding activities such as golfing, boating, fun in the sun, barhopping, rehearsal dinners, etc. Ask your buddy or his bride for a copy of the itinerary in advance. Be prepared to have two or three extra pieces of clothing and supplies – for each day – depending on each activity.

Consider the location and climate of the wedding events. Whether it’s a destination wedding in a tropical place or the bride’s second-cousin’s lush backyard, you must know your environment so you can properly plan.

Do your research and know the venue(s) where you will be spending your time. Will the ceremony be in a church? What kind of church? A modern tabernacle with air conditioning or a quaint, historical chapel with beautiful stain glass windows that don’t circulate air very well. Or will you be outdoors? Will there be a shaded area? Will you have to walk a distance from the ceremony to the reception? What will the weather be like? Is it a more arid or humid climate than you’re used to?

All of these questions factor into your consideration when packing and planning for a big event, especially if you suffer from overactive sweat glands. So be diligent in your research beforehand, knowing that most of the answers are simply a click or swipe away.


Write out an actual packing list, weeks ahead of time, to ensure you have what you need. Plan to pay the extra $50 to check a bag at the airport and, literally, pack like a girl. Be sure to include:

      • Clothes and shoes for each six-hour block with appropriate back-ups.
      • Underwear (undershirt, boxer briefs, and socks) for each six-hour block with appropriate back-ups.
      • Comfortable, breathable sleepwear.
      • Hat or two, if your head sweats.
      • Toiletries for grooming, plus your antiperspirant, powder, Epson salts, natural astringent, cotton balls, sunscreen, baby wipes, etc.
      • Soft paper towels.

Pack a go-bag to use at each event. Pretend it’s the end of days and you need to make sure you can survive. Don’t leave it to chance that you can find soft paper towels in the hotel ballroom or that the designated men’s room will have a baby wipes.

In your go-bag, pack wipes, paper towels, baby powder, deodorant, and a small hand towel or handkerchief. If there’s room, throw in an extra undershirt or pair of boxer briefs (depending on the area in which you sweat the most).

Invest in a personal fan you can keep near you. Don’t worry, I’m not suggested you use one of those Victorian paper fans. I’m talking about one of the cool new gadgets that you can plug into your smartphone. You can pick one up for less than $10 in the drug store. Buy two, just in case the pretty young thing seated next to you needs to cool down.

Sweat Proof Packing List for Big Events


Be true to yourself. It’s sometimes hard to feel like yourself when you’re constantly on guard, waiting to feel that uncomfortable wetness dripping down your back or feeling terrified that when you stand up from the church pew, your pants look like you’ve had an accident. Remember that you are a part of the wedding because you’re really important to someone. Being a sweaty guy or suffering from hyperhidrosis doesn’t mean you aren’t the funny, smart, and charming guy you’ve always been.


If you’re obligated to give a toast at the reception, or you’ve been asked to read aloud during the ceremony, remember these three words: Practice! Practice! Practice! Write it all out, laminate it if necessary (so your sweat drops don’t make the ink run), and practice it in front of the mirror, for days, weeks in advance. The more you can do to calm your nerves, the better. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll feel.

Don’t be shy about asking about your role over the weekend. What are the expectations of the groom or the bride? For example, if you know you’ll be helping to set up, start out wearing comfortable clothes instead of your tuxedo or suit. Then plan enough time to change into your dress clothes. Perhaps they want you to transport Aunt Delores and Uncle Percy to the reception. In this case, be sure to pack up the car ahead of time while in your comfortable clothes.

Formal attire, while absolutely the worst on a hot summer day, lends itself to a pocket scarf. Take advantage of every pocket, and pack them each with a couple of paper towels.

Being prepared will help calm your nerves and may even lessen your stress sweat.


What happens if you do sweat through your shirt or your butt gets damp? Try to laugh or shrug it off. It happens… especially at weddings. Most of the men, even those not in the wedding party, have stuffed themselves into uncomfortable suits with ties and cummerbunds and Lord knows what else. Most of them will likely be sweating more than usual just because they are wearing formal attire in a stuffy church or they’re forced to smile for a picture while standing next to their ex-somebody.

So, if the dam bursts, take it in stride. You’ve packed like a beast, and you’re prepared. Just grab your go-bag, wipe yourself off, change if necessary, and return to the party. And remember, weddings after hours are notorious for all sorts of shenanigans. It’s more likely that Drunk Uncle Percy getting too handsy with the maid of honor or the mother of the bride splitting her dress with her outdated disco moves will make the notable bloopers reel… not your sweaty pits or swampy butt.


Enjoy yourself but try not to overcompensate with booze before the ceremony, big speeches, or photographs. Once you’ve met most of your obligations to the bride and groom, allow yourself to cut loose. It’s natural to want to take a shot or swig of courage if you’re nervous, but in the long run, it only intensifies your anxiety and your sweat glands.

Drink plenty of water. This not only helps you cool off it helps prevent dehydration which can increase sweating.

Watch your diet when you can. Weddings are tough because you usually can’t select your own menu. Opt for more natural foods, when available. Spicy foods, onions, garlic, deep-fried, and processed foods all attribute to sweat production (and sometimes the smell of your sweat).

Even though you're on someone else's schedule, take a few minutes for yourself throughout the weekend

Even though you’re on someone else’s schedule, take a few minutes for yourself throughout the weekend. You may need a moment to dry off or clean up, but you may also need a moment to collect yourself. Sometimes there’s a lot of pressure to make someone else happy on their big day. Keep your nerves – and sweat glands – tempered.

When appropriate, take a walk if you’ve been sitting for too long. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a private place to take off your jacket or let the airflow through your slacks.

After the obligatory photos are taken, change into something cool, comfortable, and appropriate. Nice linen slacks and a cool cotton button-down are the perfect reception attire. If you have the time, go back to your air-conditioned room and stand naked for a few minutes to allow your body to cool off. Pat yourself down with paper towels before getting dressed with a fresh set of undergarments and clothing.


Even when you’re not hooking up, you should still wear protection. Make sure you are covered head to toe in Ejis products to protect your clothing from sweat marks and your reputation from body odor.  Invest in a few sweat proof micro modal undershirts, pairs of sweat proof boxer briefs, and as many pairs of antimicrobial socks you can fit in your suitcase. (They are the bomb!) Not only do Ejis basics help keep your clothes dry, but they also help to fight odor with silver-infused fabrics. (Buy from our shop or on Amazon.)

While wearing formal attire during the heat of the summer is not the way most guys want to spend their weekend, you can still feel cool and confident with some planning and preparation.

We hope these tips help you rock your next wedding weekend! 

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