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Don't Sweat The Heat! 9 Men's Summer Fashion Tips to Rock the Weekend While Maintaining Your Cool.

July 10, 2019 4 min read

Don't Sweat The Heat! 9 Men's Summer Fashion Tips to Rock the Weekend While Maintaining Your Cool.

It’s hot outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them see you sweat. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, check out these fashion tips to rock your summer weekend wardrobe while maintaining your cool.

Stay Cool to Look Cool

The biggest summer fashion challenge is the heat. Unfortunately, not every weekend event or activity calls for a cool tank top and shorts. Choose natural fabrics like cotton and linen for your shirts and pants whenever possible to allow for natural air circulation.

Avoid wearing the same shirts you do in the winter, even if the occasion calls for long sleeves. Instead, choose summer-weight long-sleeve shirts that are new for the season.

Regardless of where you go or what you do, you can avoid unattractive pit and butt sweat marks by wearing a sweat-wicking underlayer. That calls for specialty sweat proof underwear and sweat proof undershirts. Ejis sweat proof boxer briefs and undershirts are cotton and combined with super-soft micro modal material, fused with real odor-fighting silver. They have an ultra-thin waterproof layer to keep everything protected from sweat, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing stains.


Best and Worst Summer Fabrics

Avoid Short Shorts

Yes, shorts are supposed to be shorter than pants, but by no means are they intended to land just below your butt cheek. Choose shorts that fall just over or barely above the knee. They should also have some give when you walk, and especially when you sit so that your thighs aren’t gasping for air.

Avoid legs that have “wings,” instead look for a fit that has no flair. Baggy is equally unattractive.

Khakis are always a good summer choice, even if you are used to wearing darker colors to avoid showing sweat stains. If you’re wearing Ejis sweat proof boxer briefs, you can feel confident in lighter colors.

Although “jorts” (jean shorts) are acceptable, they can be embarrassing if done wrong. Be sure to follow the same fit rules when you are choosing jean shorts. For a casual look, today’s high-end mesh or sweat athletic shorts are perfectly acceptable with a nice tee.

Casual Shirts to a Tee

Casual tees are always a good choice for cool summer wear. In this case, classy stripes always work well. They offer a bit of pattern without being too flashy. Avoid tees with graphics and silly messages as these come across a little immature.

If you opt for a polo shirt, choose a tailored fit and neutral color to wear with jeans.

Button Downs, Button Ups?

Regardless of what you call them, shirts with buttons are a good look in any season. Just remember to choose lightweight cotton or linen to stay comfortable in the heat of summer. Short-sleeved button downs look nice open and layered with an Ejis crew neck undershirt or with a few buttons open at the collar with an Ejis deep v-neck undershirt.

Get creative with in-style patterns, including florals and plaids. The key is to go floral, not Hawaiian. Avoid bowling style shirts altogether. (They went out of style with Charlie Sheen.)

Don’t Be Panting in Pants

Even when it’s hot, you might still opt for pants in certain situations. Many summer pants are attractive and comfortable. For example, chinos are a summer favorite and come in light tones and shades for summer. Wearing Ejis sweat proof boxer briefs, you can feel confident in these lighter shades.

Jeans are also often a summer favorite for a night out at your favorite bar. They are patio compatible, show off your butt, and look great with a tee or short-sleeved button up. An unexpected tip for summer jean fashion is to go black and avoid deep indigos or faded acid wash tones.

With Ejis Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs You Can Wear Light Khaki Shorts and PantsToo Much Khaki is Tacky

If you wear khaki all the time, it becomes a bit contrived. Mix it up with other colored pants and shorts. Experiment with various tones of olive, gray and blue. If you want to be uber stylish, look for the season’s latest colors and try them on for size.

Hold on to Those Vans

Although it’s been decades since Vans became the casual shoe of choice, they are still 100% stylish. You can wear them or your boat shoes to look tasteful and attractive.

White canvas shoes are always a snappy choice, but once they get dirty, they can look drab. Consider white leather sneakers, classic black, black-and white, tan, and well, any color that complements your outfit and individual style.

Van's Are Still a Stylish Shoe OptionNot-So-Casual

If the event is not-so-casual, a safe bet is a pair of tailored linen trousers, a short-buttoned shirt, and white leather sneakers. You can also opt for the sexy slim-cut chino, cropped at the ankle, and a slimmer-fitting camp collar for a chic yet confident style.

Don’t be afraid to try a shirt with some personality, like a bold, broad stripe. Feel free to ditch those Vans and opt for stylish black Oxfords, so you are oh-so-elegant but not overly fussy.

Say Yes to Socks

The question of “to sock, or not to sock” can leave the fashion-conscious dude hesitating in front of his sock drawer. To make things simple this summer, you have two easy choices:

  1. No show, low cut socks
  2. Mid-calf socks

    This is good news because nothing is worse than summer swampy feet from not wearing socks. To keep comfortable, especially if you are wearing not-so breathable shoes, choose a breathable sock to help wick away moisture.

    Ejis not only makes sweat proof underwear and undershirts, but we also make an excellent sock designed to fight foot sweat and odor. Using silver anti-odor technology, our socks stop odor-causing bacteria in its tracks. The socks also have moisture-wicking terry loops and mesh ventilation zones to keep sweat away from your feet and allow for air circulation.

    If you’re doing something where you must stand or walk all day, like a round of golf, these socks have cushioned areas on the foot bed for a soft step. Hand-linked toe caps reduce toe friction and irritation so you can enjoy a craft beer festival or the local summer fair in comfort.

    Don't miss out on the fun in the sun because of sweat! Follow these tips to look cool, stylish, and comfortable even when it’s hot out.



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