Why Your Back Sweats So Much & What to Do About It

May 20, 2020 4 min read

why does my back sweat so much

Most of us have felt the uncomfortable trickle of sweat down our backs or feel the back of our shirts clinging to our backs following a workout or during an exceptionally hot or humid day. This type of back sweat is considered normal, as your body tries to cool itself down. However, if you experience back sweat beyond what’s considered normal, you are probably wondering “why does my back sweat so much?” And more importantly, you want to know what you can do about it.

In this article, we’ll look at the possible reasons why you experience back sweating for no reason, and if there is a sweaty back cure. We'll also examine a few ways you can manage your excessive sweat.

Why does my back sweat so much?

The most common cause of an excessively sweaty back is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Those who have hyperhidrosis experience excessive sweating for no apparent reason, like overexertion or being overheated. Their sweat glands produce sweat with no provocation.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis.

  • Primal focal hyperhidrosis occurs on a primary (or focal) area of the body, like your back, underarms, or hands. The cause of it is not known, though it may be hereditary.
  • Secondary generalized hyperhidrosis typically affects the entire body. It is generally caused by an underlying medical condition or as a side effect of medication.

What are the best ways to treat my sweaty back?

1. Apply a clinical strength antiperspirant for back sweat.

The International Hyperhidrosis Society says that antiperspirants should be the first line of treatment for almost any part of your body that profusely sweats. A clinical strength antiperspirant is the strongest product available without a prescription. Because there’s such a large area to cover, it’s probably best to use a spray or wipe.

Whenever possible, ask your partner or roommate to help you apply the product to your clean back before bedtime. This allows the antiperspirant to take hold while you sleep. (If you don’t have a person who can help you, try using two spray antiperspirants simultaneously in a well-ventilated room.) If you are trying out a new product, be sure to apply to a small area first to test your reaction to it.

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2. Wear clothing made from natural fibers.

Clothing made from natural fibers, like cotton or wool, is more breathable than their synthetic counterparts. When clothing is breathable, it allows air to flow through the fabric and sweat to evaporate more rapidly. While wearing breathable clothing won’t stop your back from sweating, it will help you feel more comfortable.

3. Wear an Ejis sweat proof undershirt.

If you would like the freedom to wear whatever you’d like, try out the all-new Ejis Back & Underarm Sweat Proof Undershirt. The sweat proof technology is designed to stop embarrassing sweat marks from ever reaching your clothes. It offers full protection on the entire back (from collar to hem) and under each arm. It also has silver ions permanently fused to the fabric fibers to help fight odor-causing bacteria.

4. Avoid getting too hot or overheated.

While most people with hyperhidrosis don’t need a reason to start sweating, the condition will only be exasperated if your body gets too hot. There are a couple of ways to help keep your body cool.

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drinking the daily recommended amount of water – or more – will help your body naturally regulate its body temperature and replenish the liquid lost whilst sweating. By helping your body maintain its normal temperature, it won’t shift your sweat glands into overdrive.
  • Try to keep the exterior of your body cool during hot weather. If you are not in a climate-controlled setting during hot weather, you may find relief by walking on the shady side of the street, using a personal, battery-operated fan, or cooling off your pulse points with an ice bandana.

sweaty back cure

5. Make dietary changes.

If you experience back sweating for no reason, you may want to evaluate your diet.
You may have noticed that certain foods and beverages can make you sweat more. For instance, processed foods and those high in fat and sugar require your body to work harder to digest them. As a result, your body heats up because it’s working so hard, and naturally activates the sweat glands to help cool itself down.

Additionally, beverages containing alcohol and caffeine can overstimulate your sweat glands. Alcohol naturally increases your body temperature, whereas caffeine kicks your central nervous system into motion. Both of these reactions cause your body to self-correct by sweating.

Is there a cure for my back sweat?

While there is no sure-fire sweaty back cure, there are promising medical treatments. If you have exhausted the recommended home remedies and over-the-counter antiperspirants, you should talk to your doctor about your sweaty back. Your healthcare provider may want to start with a pharmaceutical-grade antiperspirant or medications known to help with excessive sweating. There are a couple of medical treatments, like iontophoresis and Botox injections, that may also provide extended, but temporary relief. 

By making a few lifestyle changes, as well as having the right products and clothing, your condition will become more manageable. To protect your clothes from back and underarm sweat, try out our new Back & Underarm Sweat Proof Undershirt (buy from our shop or on Amazon). Its full-coverage design makes sure your clothing stays dry from your neck to your rear.

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