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Dress Socks with Odor Fighting Silver

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There are few simple pleasures in life that can compare to the feeling of putting on a new pair of quality socks.

Not the horrible socks you might find at your local discount store or online when you sort by “Price: Low to High”. Where their idea of “value” is bundling up 25 pairs made from the cheapest, scratchy materials they could find.

We’ve all been there. Sliding on a cheap pair of socks you thought was a bargain when you bought it. Where it feels so thin it makes you wonder if it’s made from the same stuff that the see through toilet paper at work is made from. “But it looked so good in the pictures!” you scream to yourself.

These Ejis dress socks feel so soft and comfortable that you may wonder if they are the best socks you’ve ever worn (we certainly did!). They are the result of dozens of tests that took over a year to complete to get the combination of materials, fit and function just right for you.

We’re proud to give to you the best dress socks you’ve (probably) ever worn.

SILVER ANTI-ODOR TECHNOLOGY is permanently embedded in every sock to stop odor causing bacteria from multiplying. This fights to reduce bad odors just as effectively after 100 washes as it does on day one.

STAY DRY AND COOL with terry loops, which work to move sweat away from your feet in combination with mesh ventilation zones that improve air circulation and prevent uncomfortable heat buildup. This means your feet will feel drier and cooler even after a 12 hour day at work.

COMFORTABLE RECTANGULAR CUSHIONS are strategically placed across the footbed soften your step and help to channel fresh air where you need it most. Skilled technicians hand-link each toe cap which creates a seamless connection that prevents friction and irritation around the toes. Ankle cushioning offers 180° defense against harsh rubbing across the back of the ankle. Providing an unrivaled level of comfort in a daily dress sock.

REINFORCED NON-SLIP CUFF AND LEG are combined with dynamic arch support to keep your socks exactly where you want them so you never have to worry about pulling them up or adjusting them. The advanced Y-stitched heel better cups your foot, anchoring your perfect fit. Each of these elements blends to give you that gentle new sock hug month after month.

GUARANTEED with three months of "Sock Insurance" on all purchases! If they rip, tear, or develop holes within 90 days of buying, we'll replace them with a fresh pair of Ejis men's socks, no questions asked.

Why Ejis?

We founded Ejis based on the belief we could make you feel more confident by solving two of your most embarrassing problems, sweat marks and odor. We've woven intelligent design, world class functionality and unrivaled comfort into our dress socks to give you what we call  "Wearable Confidence".

100% Satisfaction With The Ejis First Purchase Guarantee