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5 Sweat Hacks To Look Drier And Feel More Confident Instantly

If you've ever had to take a spare dress shirt to work, been so anxious you've had sweat drip down your side or had to throw out shirts because of sweat marks, then these 5 hacks might just change your life.


1. Apply antiperspirant at night. Aluminum (the typical active ingredient in antiperspirant) has to get in to the sweat duct to block it and stop sweat. If you put it on in the morning, when you tend to sweat more, it can just wash off leaving you no better than when you started.

2. Avoid spicy food. Foods like hot peppers can increase the amount of sweat you make. Other foods, like onions and garlic, can make your sweat smell worse. Avoid both if you can!

3. Breathe deeply. Feeling stressed can also make you sweat. Breathing deeply and controlling your emotions can decrease anxiety and reduce how much you sweat. Seeing your doctor about anxiety can also be a great option.


4. Skip the coffee (and tea). Caffeine is a huge sweat trigger. It excites the central nervous system and activates sweat glands. The more caffeine you drink, the more you'll sweat.


5. Wear sweat blocking and odor fighting clothes to stop sweat marks. Wearing sweat blocking basics ( undershirts and boxer briefs ) can be the ultimate solution to sweat marks because sweat is stopped before it ever touches your clothes. Leaving you looking completely dry.              

Sweat blocking clothier, Kon, says building confidence is the key for men who sweat a lot. He aims to do just that. “The whole idea of building confidence with smart clothing is what I really believe in. "No one should feel embarrassed by something as natural as sweating. said Kon, CEO of Ejis, who has developed sweat blocking undershirts and boxer briefs for men that fight odor with real silver.


The new line of products isn’t just for heavy sweaters. Ejis is turning the whole antiperspirant industry on its head.” he says. “Deodorant companies have sold the public for years on the idea that antiperspirants are the only way to stop sweat marks.


Antiperspirants just don’t work for everyone all of the time. Mine is the only company that is focused on building men’s confidence with a solution that is guaranteed to work.” A recent research paper published in Archives of Dermatological Research* shows that sweating and the negative consequences from visible sweat marks are more extensive than originally thought.

The study showed that about 4.8% of the population live with excessive sweating. In the US that equates to over 15 million people who feel embarrassed, anxious or sacrifice important things in their lives because of sweat.


The undershirts and boxer briefs from Ejis are worn under regular clothes. They work by putting a waterproof layer between the skin and outer clothes. Making it impossible for sweat to transfer to shirts or pants, eliminating the embarrassment caused by sweat marks.

“By focusing on solving the most embarrassing problems facing men we’ve done our small part to help them unleash their confidence so they can achieve more in life's most important moments. I wanted to release a line of products that build men up and give them the freedom they want.” The overall result is dry clothes and more confident men. “When someone can wear what they want or enjoy a moment they otherwise would have avoided because of our products, we count that as a huge team success at Ejis.”

What people are saying about us... Every day thousands of men are experiencing a new level of confidence
with our sweat blocking and odor fighting basics. "Honestly - I'm in love with the undershirts. I live in Southeast Asia where a shirt survives three minutes before drenched in sweat. I still can't believe I can walk in the sun for hours without a sweat stain. I'm now even wearing them beneath grey tshirts or my favourite shirts that previously didn't survive the tropical heat." 

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