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About Us

Ejis was founded on the belief that we could make you feel more confident by creating high quality products that solve your most embarrassing problems.

We believe your confidence is unleashed when you eliminate whatever is standing in your way.

Why do we believe this? Because it worked for us! We started Ejis as three regular guys who were sick and tired of feeling embarrassed because of sweat marks and odor issues. Working in an office and dealing with important clients every day didn’t allow us to be off our game. We tried countless products but couldn’t find anything that just worked.

That frustration sparked the beginning of our journey to design the best undershirts in the world. We scoured the globe to find the highest quality materials and partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry to create a line of products unsurpassed in their ability to make you feel more confident.

At the core of each of our products are our three golden principles:

      1. Smart Design
      2. World Class Functionality
      3. Unrivaled Comfort

When we started our journey we knew we didn’t want to just build products you liked, we wanted to build products you loved. That’s why we’ve spent hundreds of hours designing and refining each of our products, used the finest materials and talked directly with our customers to make the small improvements others ignore.

We promise to work tirelessly to listen to you and continue to create new products that help you battle your most embarrassing problems.

What keeps driving us? We want to feel more confident every day just like you. Which is why we’re committed to our mission of helping you unleash your confidence so you can enjoy life and achieve more.

We don't just make clothing, we make Wearable Confidence.


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