Tired of being held back by your sweat?

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It’s time to take back control.

Do these sound familiar?

  • Raising your arms for any reason gives you anxiety.
  • The thought of wearing khaki pants makes you shake in terror.
  • You’ve tried every antiperspirant, and none work well perfectly.
  • You wear jackets (even when it’s hot) just to hide your sweat stains.
  • You know your sweat destroys your credibility in front of clients and colleagues.
  • You pick a shirt to wear based on which color doesn’t show sweat stains as much.  
  • When you stand up, you check to see if you’ve left a puddle of sweat on the chair.
  • You’ve thrown out perfectly good white dress shirts because they’ve been ruined by yellow pit stains.
  • You’ve seriously considered getting injections or surgery to make your body stop sweating.

What has your sweat robbed from you?

Let me share a little story…

In Spring 2014, my best friend, Jason, was on track to make partner at his law firm. His $1m/ year payday was so close he could touch it.

Until… he was passed over.

He couldn’t believe it. His self-confidence shattered. When I saw him, he had a far away, glazed look in his eyes. His face was a mix of bewilderment, disbelief, and shame.

No reason was given, but he knew it was his sweat. 

Years of effort and sacrifice were lost because of something entirely out of his control.

He knew the law, he just looked like a sweaty mess in front of clients and prospects. Without looking the part, the other partners didn’t want to give him a seat at the table.

It was unfair, unjust, and cruel.

That’s when I knew I needed to help. If his body wouldn’t stop sweating, I’d find a way to stop his sweat from showing.

That’s how Ejis was created.

Jason wore a prototype Ejis undershirt to his interviews at another firm. He felt confident, looked in command, and ended up landing his dream job and was made partner.

Ejis has helped over 300,000 men around the world.

Every day men reach for Ejis to look dry, feel confident, and wear what they want.

Ejis sweat proof undershirts and boxer briefs are your never-fail solution to crippling sweat marks.


  • Wearing any color you want.
  • Finally, feeling like you can be yourself.
  • Not having to hide from or avoid social situations.

Here’s what people are saying about how Ejis has changed their life.

Get Rid of Sweat Marks Forever

Black Friday Sale on Sweat Proof Undershirts and Boxer Briefs for Men

Because you’ve suffered with embarrassing sweat stains for long enough

Crawl Over Broken Glass Guarantee

You also get our “Crawl Over Broken Glass Guarantee.” After 45 days of wearing and testing Ejis for yourself, if you wouldn’t be willing to crawl over broken glass to keep it, we’ll refund your money. 

That’s how much conviction we have that Ejis will work for you.

Ejis is right for you if…

If you’ve made it this far, it’s clear you want to get rid of embarrassing sweat stains for good. You’re sick and tired of how your sweat stains make you look and feel and want to take back control.

If you’re like our hundreds of thousands of customers, you haven’t found success with any of the off-the-shelf options you’ve tried up to now.  

Our customers tell us that once they wore Ejis for a full day and their clothes were still bone dry, they knew they could finally say goodbye to the stress their sweat had caused them.

So let me ask you a question.

Do you want us to help you solve this for you once and for all?

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Stay dry, feel confident.