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How does it work?


First, we start with high-quality materials

All our undershirts are made from:

95% Ultra Premium Micro Modal 

  • This means they're extremely luxurious and cool to the touch. Made from Birch trees, micro modal cotton is twice as soft as regular cotton and 50% more absorbent

      5% Spandex

      • This adds stretch to your shirt and helps the material behave like an advanced performance fabric



      Then we fuse the best in San Francisco-based design:


      A large, single underarm absorbing pad means water won't seep through a middle seam, while double stitching around the pad prevents seam leakage. Our underarm pad is made from a specialized anti-microbial Poly-Urethane Laminate ("PUL") that forms a waterproof layer that still allows heat and water vapors to escape. PUL is a high-tech material used in a wide range of medical, automotive, and garment products, and is incredibly durable meaning it will hold up after numerous washes. 




      Slim Fit cut means pads fit snug and cover the entire underarm surface area, plus added length helps your shirt stay tucked in all day.While our V-Neck is wide and deep enough for up to two buttons to be undone on your overshirt, while our Crew Neck sits high enough to hug the neck line. 







      Finally, we focus on providing a comfortable product that just works:





      Silver is permanently bound to the fibers of the inner absorbing layer which fights odor causing bacteria.