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We start with premium micro modal fabric as our foundation material. Micro modal was selected after an exhaustive process of testing dozens of different materials, none of which could match the silky feel, anti-microbial properties and water retention ability of micro modal.

Adding 5% spandex helps to add stretch that assists in keeping its shape and makes it feel like a high-performance fabric than a regular undershirt or boxer brief.

All of the micro modal fabric is permanently fused with silver which is a natural odor killer. Bacteria that thrive in moist environments like the underarm (and are the root-cause of offensive body odor) are not able to multiply when they come into contact with silver.

A waterproof laminated fabric then blocks sweat. While it stops all droplets from passing through it still breathes, so you don’t overheat. This same fabric is used in many demanding environments like hospitals and can stand up to repeated washing, so it will never lose its stopping power.

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