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Technology - Tab undershirt

Each Ejis undershirt is carefully made of the highest quality materials to create a solution that is so good it feels invisible.

Our intelligent design, world class functionality, and unrivaled comfort set the Ejis undershirts apart from every other solution available.

LARGE ONE-PIECE WATERPROOF LAYER under your arms stops sweat from transferring to your shirt and prevents sweat marks. Think of it as your never-fail backup to antiperspirant deodorant. Durable enough to be washed over and over and chemical free.

SILVER COMBATS ODOR causing bacteria. Silver is permanently bound to the fibers of the entire undershirt which keeps you fresher longer. It also helps to regulate your body temperature by pulling heat away from the body when you're hot and keeping you warmer when you're cold.

SUPER PREMIUM MICRO MODAL FABRIC is 2x softer and 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. With 5% Spandex to add stretch, it will possibly be the most comfortable men's undershirt you've ever worn.

Every day we have a customer reach out to tell us how surprised they are with how soft their undershirt felt the first time they picked it up. It's hard to get across how incredible it will feel on your skin when you put it on.

STAYS TUCKED IN with added length and stretch. The slim fit design keeps the protective area snugly up against your armpit.

WHAT THIS UNDERSHIRT WON'T DO is make your sweat disappear; unfortunately, it's not that good. It may feel damp under your arms, but it won't show on your shirt. 

Quite simply there is no other undershirt with this amount of technology, this level of
high-quality fabrics and ability to provide incredible comfort every time you wear it.

The end result is that your shirt is dry and you’re feeling more confident! That’s why we say that our undershirts are “Wearable Confidence.”