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EJIS vs Antiperspirant




Never Worry About Embarrassing Sweat Stains Again

Works Instantly


Fights Odor

All purchases are backed by our 100% Happiness-Guarantee

Trusted by 50,000+ Stain-Free Customers

Featured In:

“EJIS sweat proof undershirts will leave you looking dry, feeling confident and protect your clothes.”

- British GQ, April Issue

“Not only is this product superior in quality, there is simply nothing else like it on the market.”

- Buzzfeed


Americas Fastest Growing Companies

- Financial Times

has experienced it...

You look good and feel confident. One glance down, and there they are those dreaded sweaty pits.

Instantly, panic sets in, and 

anxious thoughts take over:

"Ugh, this is so embarrassing."

"Do I look gross to them?"

"Should I risk a hug or just go for a handshake?"

"Have I just messed up my first impression?"

But the more you stress, the more you sweat—it's a cruel, never-ending cycle.

You've tried every deodorant, every antiperspirant, but nothing ever works.

What if there was a foolproof way to banish those sweat marks for good, and finally be free of this pit-stained prison?

All purchases are backed by our 100% Happiness-Guarantee

Introducing ...

The Perfect Undershirt

Stops 100% of Sweat Marks

Even in a blue shirt, our premium undershirt ensures no visible sweat marks. It is crafted from ultra-soft, smooth, and silky material for maximum comfort and confidence.

Superior Odor Protection

Featuring antimicrobial SILVADUR™ technology, EJIS undershirts effectively control odor-causing bacteria.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Leaders

The EJIS sweat-stopping Undershirt is the secret weapon to conquering sweat-related anxiety and feeling confident, no matter the occasion.

2x softer, 50% more absorbent

With LENZING™ micro modal fabric, the EJIS undershirt not only feels incredibly soft but also boasts 50% more absorbency than regular cotton, ensuring ultimate comfort and performance.

All purchases are backed by our 100% Happiness-Guarantee

Worn daily by leaders at

Real Customers Real Reviews

  • This product is incredible!

    I don’t write many reviews but had to for these. I wish I knew about these undershirts earlier! My issue always is more when I do things such as give presentations, or when wearing a solid colored shirt - I would constantly have the wet marks. To my amazement it worked incredibly!

  • Life changing

    I can finally wear light shirts. I’m the type that is drenched arm pits outside in 30 degree weather. I’ve tried every product out there. This is amazing and has helped so much. I’ve never met anyone who sweats more than me and this stops it.

  • TL;DR It works phenomenally.

    This shirt is a game-changer! It has transformed my life by effectively addressing my excessive underarm sweating. No more embarrassing stains or discomfort. It's the best purchase I've ever made. Thank you to the creators for giving me back my confidence. Highly recommend it to anyone struggling with similar issues

  • James P. D.

    Verified Customer Review

  • Justin P.

    Verified Customer Review

  • Dylan L.

    Verified Customer Review

All purchases are backed by our 100% Happiness-Guarantee

EJIS Customer Survey

We sent this survey to 500+ EJIS customers and asked them about our undershirt. Here are the actual results:

96.7% of people stopped worrying about sweat marks

100%Found it worked right away to stop sweat marks

100% would tell a friend with sweaty pits to try EJIS

96.7% felt more confident wearing Ejis

93.3% liked the fit and comfort of their EJIS undershirt

All purchases are backed by our 100% Happiness-Guarantee

EJIS vs Antiperspirant


Works 100% Guaranteed, even in stressful Situations

Doesn't Clog Pores, Cause Rashes or other Skin Issues

Zero White Streaks or Stains

Stain Free And No Risk of Ruining Expensive Clothing

Healthy and Environmentally Friendly

Our Personal Promise: Risk-Free Confidence

We're so confident that our undershirt will eliminate sweat marks and boost your confidence, that we're offering a 100% risk-free trial. 

If you don't love it, we'll refund your money and you keep the shirt! With our promise, there's nothing to lose.

Try our EJIS undershirt for 45 days and embrace a sweat mark life with confidence.

Rated 4,6/5 by 1100+ Reviewers

Over 250,000 Units Sold

Ultra Comfortable

Perfect Fit

Micromodal Fabric

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Try the EJIS undershirt risk-free for 45 days to experience sweat-free confidence. If you're not satisfied, get a full refund and keep the shirt.

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