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Stop Embarrassing Sweat Marks And Odor With Ejis Sweatproof Undershirts.

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“If you sweat like a beast, this is the holy grail of undershirts!

Your “Secret Weapon” Against
Embarrassing Sweat & Odor.

If you are a heavy sweater that struggles with embarrassing sweat stains & odor, then Ejis Sweatproof Undershirts are for you. Here are three reasons why our undershirts can change your life.

✔ Stops Shirt Sweat Marks: Our shirts prevent moisture from soaking through your armpits with our double padded 120 sq inches of coverage underarm section.

✔ Fits Like Glove: Ejis Undershirts hugs the form of your body with a moderate tight fit that does not bulk up if you are wearing a dress shirt or professional attire.

✔ Eliminates Odor: All our shirts are woven from silver fused fibers that combat odor causing bacteria, keeping you smelling fresher longer!

Try Now For 20% OFF

White V-Neck Micro Modal Sweat Proof Undershirt (Special Offer 20% Off) - Ejis, inc.
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White V-Neck Micro Modal Sweat Proof Undershirt (Special Offer 20% Off) - Ejis, inc.

Our best selling undershirt. Ever.

White V-Neck Micro Modal Sweat Proof Undershirt (Special Offer 20% Off)

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Protected Area Is Guaranteed To Stop 100% Of Your Sweat From Reaching Your Clothes.

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It will actually work for you. Or your money back.

Keep your clothes bone dry instantly by wearing Ejis.


Keeps Clothes Dry

Works under any shirt or pants for maximum flexibility. Wear what you want when you want.


Fights Odor

Real silver is permanently embedded to every fiber to fight odor causing bacteria. Leaving you smelling fresher for longer.



Works or your money back. Full 45 days for you to test your first Ejis undershirt and or boxer briefs for yourself.

Our Customers Results Speak For Themselves

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Endless 5 Star Reviews


Our mission is to raise your confidence by solving your sweat & odor issues. We’ve helped thousands of men around the world, see for yourself from our best-sellers on


“We’ve woven intelligent design, world class functionality, and unrivaled comfort to give you what we call Wearable Confidence.”

- Kon, Ejis CEO & Co-Founder

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