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Trusted by men who work at

Trusted by men who work at Microsoft
Ejis is trusted by men who work at McKinsey & Company.
Ejis is trusted by men who work at Sony.
Ejis is trusted by men who work at Intel!
Men at British Airways Trust Ejis to Keep Them Dry.
Bosch men love Ejis!
Trusted by men who work at BMW
Ejis is trusted by men who work at SAP
You won't see sweat stains at Bain Capital!
Ejis is trusted by men who work at Disney.

It will actually work for you. Or your money back.

Here's Proof

Protected Area Is Guaranteed To Stop 100% Of Your Sweat From Reaching Your Clothes.

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How does the technology work?

The Ejis sweat stopping technology acts like a barrier between your sweat and your clothes, leaving you looking drier. The silver embedded in the fibers fight odor causing bacteria so you smell good all day. It won’t make your sweat disappear (we’re still working on that). So it may feel a little damp but it won’t show on your clothes.

What if it doesn’t work?

You get a full 45 days from purchase to put your first unit to the test to make sure it really works for you just like it does for tens of thousands of other men. If you feel it’s not right for you just let us know and we’ll give you a refund.

Does it protect everywhere?

The sweat stopping technology is concentrated on the areas that sweat the most, under the arms for the undershirts and across the butt, crotch and back of the legs for the boxer briefs.

What if it doesn’t fit me?

Your first undershirt and/or boxer briefs are covered by our First Product Guarantee. If you don’t love it we’ll help you find the right fit.

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Never let them see you sweat! Grab the Ejis Sweat Proof Basics for sweat and odor control when you need it most.

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