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Protected area is guaranteed to stop 100% of your sweat from reaching your clothes.

Protected area is guaranteed to stop 100% of your sweat from reaching your clothes.

Here's proof...

Here's proof...

“We’ve woven intelligent design, world class functionality, and unrivaled comfort to give you what we call Wearable Confidence.”

- Kon, Ejis CEO & Co-Founder


Sweat Proof Technology

Ejis offers three sweat proof products: underarm sweat proof undershirts, back and underarm sweat proof undershirts and sweat proof boxer briefs.

At the core of our sweat proof technology is a thin yet robust waterproof layer that is surrounded by soft and absorbent micro modal to prevent sweat from reaching your outerwear.

Antimicrobial Technology

All Ejis undershirts and boxer briefs are treated with SILVADURTM antimicrobial technology, which effectively controls bacteria that causes odors, providing enhanced odor protection.

SILVADURTM uses silver ions not nano technology, so you never have to worry about silver metals affecting you or the environment.

Micro Modal

Super premium micro modal fabric feels up to 2 times softer than regular cotton.

Up to 50% more absorbent than regular cotton.

With 5% added spandex it may be the most comfortable undershirt you’ve ever worn.


Lightweight, premium 100% combed cotton.

With the same sweat stopping power as our full micro modal undershirts under the arms, we kept the pad technology unchanged and combined it with lightweight, premium 100% combed cotton for a reliable and economical addition to your wardrobe.


Our goal at Ejis has always been to create high-quality products that solve your most embarrassing problems – sweat and odor. Not all sweat smells but when sweat builds up on the body, the bacteria on your skin multiply rapidly and break down the sweat into acids. These acids are usually the cause of body odor and can make your clothes smell, making a bad problem worse.

We chose SILVADURTMbecause its a polymer-containing silver-technology that delivers silver ions when organisms land or form on the fabric. These ions continually release to safely kill microbes that cause odor and material degradation, so your Ejis products smell fresher and last longer.

How long does SILVADURTM provide odor protection?

The industry standard for any garment is 50 washes, but SILVADURTM durability ensures that the odor protection will last as long as your Ejis product. Independent tests performed by the International Antimicrobial Council found that after 50 washes, SILVADURTM was still 99% effective. This means you can wear your Ejis undershirt and boxer briefs with confidence for a long time.

Why Silver?

Silver contains natural antimicrobial properties; it has been used for centuries wherever effective long-term bacterial protection is required, such as healthcare, food preservation, and water treatment. We chose silver due to its safety for human contact, long term efficacy and prevention of growth for a broad range of microorganisms on clothing.

Upgrade Your Confidence

Upgrade Your Confidence