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Priority and expedited shipping are not available for P.O. Box addresses. Buyers with orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii are charged domestic shipping rates.

International shipping may be delayed due to the pandemic. Visit the COVID-19 Update webpage for up-to-date details.

Ejis has partnered with Passport Shipping to handle all international shipments. Passport's mission is to build the world's most beloved shipping company. We're excited to partner with them to elevate your shipping experience. Not only do they handle your shipping, you can also easily contact them if you have any questions about your shipment.

Thanks to Passport we can now collect taxes and customs/duty fees at checkout so your order won't get stuck in customs and you won't have any surprise fees upon delivery.

International shipping costs are based on live-rates.

Once your parcel has left the United States, please expect it to take roughly 10-14 business days to arrive in your country. This timeline should be reflected in the estimated delivery date on your tracking page. If you ever feel like you are waiting longer than expected for your order, please get in touch with Passport's Customer Experience team at help@passportshipping.com.

Passport ships to over 200 countries across the globe! In fact, the question isn't "Where do you ship?", the question is now, "Where don't you ship?"

Some countries listed below are temporarily suspended until delivery service is restored.


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  • Ejis products are also available on the following Amazon marketplaces:

    Visit Amazon International Shopping if you don't see your country on the above list.

Orders are processed within 24-hours, Monday - Friday from our U.S. based warehouse.

Our fulfillment center is closed all major U.S. holidays. Orders processed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Please keep this in mind when selecting your shipping option.

International shipments clearing customs may be delayed due to the pandemic. Visit the COVID-19 Update webpage for up-to-date details.

At Ejis we focus on making great products and shipping them as quickly as possible to you. Rarely, customs and/or local postal services delay delivery. However, if you ever feel like you are waiting longer than expected for your order, please get in touch with Passport's Customer Experience team at help@passportshipping.com!

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We want to provide the best service to our customers with the least hassle, which is why we use FedEx and UPS. These logistics providers may use USPS for their “last mile delivery.”

The shipping company will attempt delivery at least 3 to 4 times and leave a note for you to arrange delivery. Please ensure your address and phone number are correct. If possible, provide a cell phone number for easy contact.

In the rare event that the logistics partner is unable to deliver the package, it will be returned to Ejis.

If you would like us to resend a returned package, you must bear full responsibility for the additional shipping fee (typically $10 to $15). All packages have a tracking number so you can see the delivery history and the number of failed delivery attempts. Failed deliveries are rare, but they do occasionally happen (less than 1% of the time). We urge you to track your package and contact the logistics provider in the case of an undelivered package.

We provide tracking numbers for all our orders to ensure you receive the best service possible. However, it is your responsibility to track your package through to delivery.

In the rare instance, your package is marked delivered, but you didn’t receive your package it is your responsibility to contact the logistics provider to locate the package. If the package has been lost, stolen, or misplaced, you can file a reimbursement claim with the logistics provider. Ejis is not responsible for packages marked as ‘Delivered.’

All Ejis products are shipped directly from our facility in the United States. When products are imported across national borders they may be subject to additional duties and taxes charged by your country. These charges are your responsibility to pay. In most cases, you will have the option to pay duties and taxes upon check out. However, due to the pandemic and strict import rules, you may be required to pay duties and taxes to complete your order.

Yes, we ship to the EU. To get your order to you, we've partnered with Passport Shipping and they will be the Seller for all orders to the EU for orders €150 and under.

First Product Guarantee

Buy one undershirt and one pair of boxers and try them out risk-free! If you don’t love them, we’ll send you a different size or issue a refund. No return required.

If you bought more than one undershirt or one pair of boxer briefs we recommend trying one item to make sure it is right for you. That way if you don’t love your undershirt or boxer briefs, the rest of your order will still be eligible for our Satisfaction Guarantee 45-day Return Policy.

FPG Benefits

  • The FPG covers one undershirt and one pair of boxer briefs.
  • You have 45 days to try out your first purchase.
  • Available to domestic and international customers.
  • No return required and we’ll ship your exchange for free.

FPG Limits (because even awesome policies have limitations)

  • Valid for single units only. Multi-packs are only eligible for our Satisfaction Guarantee 45-day Return Policy.
  • Exchanging your undershirt or boxer briefs for the same size but a different style or color is not covered.

The First Product Guarantee only applies to single packs of underwear and undershirts. It does not include socks or multi-packs of underwear or undershirts.

Email us at support@ejisinc.com with your order number and let us know if you want an exchange or return. One of our amazing customer service staff members will respond to your email within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.

One undershirt and one pair of boxer briefs will be eligible for a return or exchange based on the First Product Guarantee guidelines.

All returns or exchanges not covered by the First Product Guarantee will be processed based on our Satisfaction Guarantee 45-day Return Policy.

If you buy more than one undershirt or one pair of boxer briefs in your first purchase, we recommend trying one item to make sure they are right for you. That way if you don’t love your undershirt or boxer briefs, the rest of your order will still be eligible for our Satisfaction Guarantee 45-day Return Policy.

Exchanging your undershirt for a different style or color is not covered in the First Product Guarantee. If you want to exchange your first purchase for a different style or color, please see our Satisfaction Guarantee 45-day Return Policy.

Satisfaction Guarantee 45-day Return Policy

If it’s not covered by our First Product Guarantee, we’ll still issue a refund or process an exchange for orders returned to us within 45 days of purchase. We don’t resell items that have been tried on (because no one wants to buy used underwear) so all returned items must be unopened, unworn, unwashed, containing the tags and are folded neatly inside the original, packaging that is not torn, ripped or cut open.

How do I set up a return or exchange?

  1. Email support@ejisinc.com.
  2. In the subject line put “Return” or “Exchange” and your order number.
  3. Tell us why you’d like to return your item or what type of exchange you’d like to make.
  4. An Ejis Customer Support Team member will reply to your email within 24-hours, Monday - Friday with return or exchange instructions.

Please note, all returns are inspected upon arrival and must meet our return criteria before a refund is issued. Any item(s) not meeting this criteria will be disposed of, and not returned to the customer.

Ejis offers free shipping for all domestic shipments over $80, including exchanges. All that free shipping and our generous First Product Guarantee means that we don’t pay for return shipping. However, if you opt for an exchange, we will ship out your replacement item for free.

When sending back your return, please send us the order number, the tracking number, and the items that being shipped so that we can properly track and process your return.

We are constantly working to improve our product. Feedback about your experience with the Ejis product can help us make improvements to the design and function.

Size Chart


Product Information

First, and most importantly, they do what they are supposed to do: Stop sweat marks.

Each Ejis undershirt is carefully made of the highest quality materials to create a solution that is so good it feels invisible.

We’ve woven intelligent design, world-class functionality, and unrivaled comfort to give you what we call Wearable Confidence.

It is the combination of those three elements that set the Ejis undershirts apart from every other solution available.

Visit our Technology page to learn more.

We start with premium micro modal fabric as our foundation material. Micro modal was selected after an exhaustive process of testing dozens of different materials, none of which could match the silky feel, anti-microbial properties and water retention ability of micro modal. By then adding 5% spandex it helps to add stretch that assists in keeping its shape and makes it feel like a high-performance fabric than a regular undershirt.

We frequently hear from customers about their delighted surprise over the unbelievable softness of our micro modal undershirts. It’s hard to get across how incredible it will feel on your skin when you put it on.

All the micro modal fabric is permanently fused with silver which is a natural odor killer. Bacteria that thrive in moist environments like the underarm (and are the cause of offensive body odor) are not able to multiply when they contact silver.

The one-piece sweat proof protective layer is sewn into the area where you need it the most … your armpits. The waterproof laminated fabric blocks sweat. While the fabric stops all droplets from passing through it still breathes, so you don’t overheat. This same fabric is used in demanding environments like hospitals and can stand up to repeated washing so it won’t lose its stopping power. Quite simply, there is no other undershirt with this amount of technology, this level of high-quality fabrics and ability to provide incredible comfort every time you wear it.

The result is that your shirt is dry and you feel more confident! That’s why we say that our undershirts are “Wearable Confidence.”

Our micro modal and cotton sweat proof undershirts both offer the same superior underarm protection and odor-fighting silver.

The difference is the fabric used in the body of the undershirt. Our signature micro modal undershirt is made from fabric derived from sustainably grown beech wood trees and 5% Spandex for added stretch and comfort. It is 2x softer and 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. Our newly redesigned 100% cotton undershirt is made from pre-washed combed cotton that is breathable and lightweight.

Anytime you want to feel confident! Ejis sweat proof undershirts work under dress shirts, casual t-shirts, and polos. Here are just some of the times our customers have worn our undershirts:

Every day to work under their dress shirt. On their wedding day so they look great in pictures and can dance up a storm. To interviews to give a cool and calm appearance. Under scrubs. Performing on Broadway. On dates. On tours of duty overseas. Hunting. At college. At BBQ’s and parties. At the gym.

Sweating can happen at any time, which is why our undershirts are designed not to be seen under your collar or sleeves. No one else needs to know you’re wearing your Ejis undershirt.

Care Instructions

Now that you’ve invested in high quality Ejis sweat proof undergarments, you’ll want to properly care for them so they last a long time. Our products are tasked with the awesome responsibility of keeping you cool, dry and odor-free, and we think they deserve a little extra attention to keep them functioning to their fullest potential.

While most Ejis products are designed for machine washing and machine drying, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure they keep working at optimal performance.

Before Washing

At the end of the day or after your workout, immediately take off your Ejis undershirts and boxer briefs. Like our bodies, sweat proof undergarments also need to breathe after being saturated by sweat.

Turn them inside out and allow them to thoroughly dry before placing in the hamper with other dirty clothes. This protects your Ejis products as well as your other dirty clothes from mildew and other unpleasant odors.

Don’t be alarmed if you see stains in the pit area of your Ejis undershirt. Sweat stains occur when your sweat interacts with your antiperspirant. Your work horse of an undershirt is simply doing its job by protecting your dress shirts and outer clothing. The pit stains should disappear after a regular wash. But if they don’t, simply apply a stain remover or use one of these recommended treatments before washing.

Washing and Drying

Sweat Proof Micro Modal Undershirts and Boxer Briefs

Micro modal fabric is the industry’s five-star standard because it is lightweight, extremely soft and breathable. In addition, the fabric used for our micro modal undershirts and boxer briefs can be machine washed and machine dried while retaining its shape.

While the fabric is durable, our sweat proof protection is sensitive to certain additives and high heat. As such avoid bleach and vinegar, high temperature washing and drying, and ironing.

  • Make sure your sweat proof undershirts and boxer briefs are inside out when you put them in the washer. This allows the water and detergent to make unimpeded contact with the areas of sweat protection.
  • Wash in cold or warm water on a low cycle with like colors.
  • Machine dry on low heat. Or if time and space allows, hang dry in sunshine. This is Mother Nature’s method of refreshing laundry.
  • Always use the recommended amount of your regular detergent.
  • Do not use bleach or vinegar.
  • Do not dry clean.

Sweat Proof Cotton Undershirts

Unlike Ejis micro modal undershirts, our cotton undershirts need a bit more care to retain their original shape and size. These undershirts are made from 100% cotton, which naturally shrinks after washing. Cotton shrinks because the tension applied to the yarn during the manufacturing process is released by heat from the washer, dryer and even sunlight, which causes the fabric to reduce in size. Additionally, the agitation of a regular wash cycle contributes to causing natural fibers like cotton to shrink.

To minimize shrinking, stick to these laundering instructions:

  • Make sure your cotton sweat proof undershirts are inside out when you put them in the washer. This allows the water and detergent to make unimpeded contact with the areas of sweat protection.
  • Only use cold water when washing. Cold water prevents shrinking and cleans just as well as warm or hot water.
  • Hand wash, if possible.
  • If you can’t hand wash, then use a delicate wash cycle. This will agitate less while still getting your undershirts clean.
  • Hang or lay flat to dry. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight. Avoid the tumble dryer if you can. Need to speed up drying? Have a fan blow on your undershirts while they are drying.
  • If you must use the dryer, use the lowest setting possible and remove the clothes while slightly damp and allow them to air dry. (Please note: this is not recommended as heat can cause further shrinking.)
  • Always use the recommended amount of your regular detergent.
  • To protect the sweat proof layer, do not use bleach or vinegar, dry clean or iron.


Our odor-fighting socks are some of the best dress socks on the market. Aside from being exceptionally comfortable and designed to stay in place all day, they prevent odor like a boss. Kiss your stinky feet and shoes good-bye! Some customers even claim their feet stay drier throughout the day.

Because our socks do not have sweat proof layers like our undershirts and boxer briefs, their laundering is not as restrictive.

  • Machine wash warm with like colors.
  • Machine dry on low.
  • Always use the recommended amount of your regular detergent.
  • If needed, use non-chlorine bleach.

By following a few simple steps when caring for all of your Ejis sweat proof undergarments, they will continue to help you stay dry, fresh and confident.

Payment Methods

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