Our Three Golden Principles

Our Story

Ejis was founded on the belief that we could make you feel more confident by creating high quality products that solve your most embarrassing problems.

Originally we set out to help our best friend, Jason, overcome his embarrassing sweating problem. For him it wasn't just embarrassing it was crippling his career.

The desire to help a friend regain his confidence soon turned into an obsession to solve this universal problem. Because we believe that no one should feel embarrassed about something as natural as sweating it sparked the beginning of our journey to design the best undershirts and boxer briefs in the world.

We scoured the globe to find the highest quality materials and partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry to create a line of products unsurpassed in their ability to make you feel more confident.

What keeps driving us? Helping you feel more confident by making products that “just work”. Which is why we’re committed to our mission of helping you unleash your confidence so you can enjoy life and achieve what’s important to you.

We don’t just make clothing, we make Wearable Confidence.


Wearable Confidence