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The 6 Best Aluminum Free Antiperspirants in 2022

April 27, 2022 4 min read

best aluminum free antiperspirant

You sweat (sometimes, a lot!) but you are also concerned about some of the chemicals used in commercial antiperspirants. Have you found yourself in a dilemma like this? What options do you have to tame your sweat and protect your body from undesirable ingredients, like aluminum? Don’t fret; there is hope.

Read on for our list of the best aluminum free antiperspirants (or natural deodorants that help with sweat).

  1. Native Deodorant
  2. Lume Natural Deodorant
  3. Bravo Sierra Deodorant
  4. Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick
  5. Type: A Deodorant Cream
  6. Each & Every All Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant

This post was published in May 2020, and updated in December 2020, December 2021 and April 2022.

aluminum free antiperspirant

Is there aluminum free antiperspirant?

Well, technically no. There aren't any aluminum free antiperspirants based on the FDA's categorization and the way in which traditional antiperspirants work. Traditional antiperspirants use a form of aluminum to block the sweat glands. As a result, aluminum free products aiming to reduce sweat are referred to as deodorants, although the function of deodorants is actually to reduce odor.

This may leave you wondering, “Is there an antiperspirant without aluminum?” There are products available by companies that use alternative ingredients, such as peptides, to reduce sweat. Peptides are amino acids that minimize the stimulation of the muscle that triggers the release of sweat and block sweat releasing pores. Other alternative ingredients include natural astringents like aloe vera and moisture-absorbing powders like arrowroot.

To get the best all-natural coverage, pair one of these aluminum free products with an Ejis sweat proof undershirt. This way you have an added barrier to protect your clothes from sweat and odor.

1. Native Deodorant

First up, one of the best antiperspirants with no aluminum is Native Deodorant. It is also free from parabens, phthalates, and talc whilst providing effective protection from wetness and odor. The solid deodorant stick has a natural base of coconut oil, probiotics, and shea butter. Native Deodorant is suitable for both men and women and comes in a range of different scents, so you can choose your favorite. (Buy on Amazon)

2. Lume Natural Deodorant

Lume Natural Deodorant is a cream deodorant that is formulated without aluminum, parabens, or baking soda. It blocks body odor and continues to control it for 72 hours. This cream deodorant is packaged in a tube, making it easier to apply than most other cream deodorants. Apply it to most areas of the body that need it, like armpits or feet. (Buy on Amazon)

3. Bravo Sierra Deodorant

This product from Bravo Sierra is one of the best aluminum free antiperspirants. It is designed to provide all day protection against sweat and odor. The formula uses a natural sweat absorptive powder, extracted from the cassava plant root. It's vegan friendly, safe for sensitive skin and aluminum and baking soda free. (Buy on Amazon)

To get the best all-natural coverage, pair one of these aluminum free products with an Ejis sweat proof undershirt.

4. Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick

Crystal Mineral Deodorant is a natural deodorant that is made with just one ingredient: mineral salt. It's effective against body odor and works up to 24 hours. It is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a natural alternative to chemical-laden deodorants. It is free from aluminum chloride, parabens, sulfates, phthalates artificial fragrances, or colors. (Buy on Amazon)

5. Type: A Deodorant Cream

Type: A Deodorant Cream is powered by natural ingredients and sweat-activated technology for long-lasting odor and wetness protection. The cream comes in a tube for easy application and goes on smooth, without leaving marks on your clothes. The natural, active ingredients are sweat-activated meaning they jump into action every time you sweat – the more moisture there is, the harder it works! (Buy on Amazon)

6. Each & Every All Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant

During your quest for the best aluminum free antiperspirant, check out Each & Every Natural Deodorant. Designed for sensitive skin, the chemical-free formula contains only clean ingredients including Dead Sea salt and coconut oils. Choose from a variety of scents derived from essential oils and other natural ingredients. (Buy on Amazon)

Other ways to get the most sweat protection

Be sure to apply your new product by following the directions on the packaging. (Most of us use too much product, and apply at the wrong time of day!) You may want to shave or trim your armpit hair so the deodorant can make direct contact with your skin. 

Add a layer of protection when trying out a new product by wearing an Ejis sweat proof undershirt (buy on our shop or on Amazon). All of our sweat proof undershirts have a silent waterproof layer and silver-infused fabric to fight odor.

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