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The 9 Best Charcoal Deodorants to Try in 2023

January 15, 2023 6 min read

charcoal deodorant

In recent years, people have become more conscious about what they put on and in their bodies. The rush to switch to beauty and lifestyle products made from natural ingredients has given the industry a huge boost; and for good reasons too. The beneficial properties of activated charcoal are numerous; no wonder it is used in face washes, face masks, toothpaste, and even in hospitals to treat poisoning.

Now, it has found its way into deodorants. Natural personal care products, like deodorants, are made with ingredients that protect the skin from the effects of the chemicals traditionally used in them. Many people believe they are safer to use because they are made with all-natural ingredients. Activated charcoal, a well-known antioxidant, is the main ingredient in many natural deodorants. 

Charcoal is a powerful ingredient for keeping armpits dry and odor-free. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of charcoal deodorant and see our list of the best charcoal deodorants out there.

  1. Duke Cannon Trench Warfare Natural Charcoal Solid Deodorant
  2. Natural Organic Deodorant Stick with Activated Charcoal
  3. PiperWai Natural Charcoal Deodorant Stick
  4. Kopari Men’s Charcoal Deodorant
  5. Native Charcoal Deodorant
  6. Hello Activated Charcoal Clean + Fresh Deodorant
  7. Tom's of Maine Natural Charcoal Antiperspirant Deodorant
  8. Cleo+Coco Women’s Natural Deodorant with Activated Charcoal
  9. Schmidt's Charcoal and Magnesium Natural Deodorant

This post was originally published in November 2020, and was updated in July 2021, December 2021 and January 2023.

charcoal deodorant

What is Charcoal Deodorant?

Charcoal deodorant is simply deodorant formulated with activated charcoal as its main ingredient. It is a natural alternative to conventional deodorants and it is used to minimize underarm odor.

What is "Activated Charcoal?"

Activated charcoal is a smooth, odorless, black powder made from wood. It is typically used to treat overdose or poison patients in hospitals. Activated charcoal is made by burning coconut shells, char, peat, coal, olive pits, petroleum coke, and sawdust. The high temperature used in burning it causes the charcoal to become activated. This process changes its internal structure, making it more porous than the charcoal we use in our grills.

Activated charcoal deodorants are completely natural. They do not contain aluminum, which is typically found in conventional antiperspirants. Charcoal-based deodorants are rich in carbon, which is known to extract dirt, oil, and bacteria from clogged pores. They are also mild and chemical-free, making them a sensible option for people with sensitive skin.

A natural charcoal deodorant can also absorb up to 1,000 times its weight. This helps keep your underarms dry naturally.

Why Use Charcoal in Deodorant?

To start, activated charcoal is well known for its antioxidant properties. It does not contain aluminum, which is the chemical found in most conventional deodorants. Activated charcoal deodorant is also rich in carbon, which naturally extracts dirt, bacteria, and oil from clogged pores.

Using charcoal in deodorant is also a natural way to minimize underarm odor. Natural charcoal deodorant is gentle on the skin, which makes it a great option if you have sensitive skin. Additionally, activated charcoal is lightweight and does not leave your underarms sticky or wet.

To get the most from your charcoal deodorant, consider shaving (or trimming) your armpit hair.

Does Charcoal Deodorant Stain Shirts?

Since charcoal is black and most charcoal-based deodorants are light grey, this is a legitimate concern.

Thankfully, the answer to this question is no. Charcoal deodorants do not stain shirts. Most brands make their charcoal-based deodorants in a way that when they are applied, they glide on sheer. They do not leave any color residue on the skin that might be transferred to your clothes. Charcoal deodorants will not stain, darken or bleach your clothes.

charcoal in deodorant

Finding an effective natural product that works with your body chemistry can give you much-needed peace of mind, which is why we have highlighted 9 of the best. 

1. Duke Cannon Trench Warfare Natural Charcoal Solid Deodorant

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Trench Warfare Natural Charcoal Solid Deodorant is the perfect masculine deodorant. It comes in three masculine yet subtle scents and works hard to prevent odor. The hard-working, long-lasting formula is alcohol- and aluminum-free. With a single application of Duke Cannon, you can go from a long day at work to having a couple of drinks with friends. As an added bonus, when you buy this deodorant, a portion of your purchase will be used to support US Veterans. (Buy on Amazon)

2. Natural Organic Deodorant Stick with Activated Charcoal

This natural charcoal deodorant is made with activated charcoal, organic sustainable beeswax, coconut oil, natural amber and sage, and organic tea tree oil. Free of any hidden chemicals, aluminum, synthetic fragrances, and additives, it is strong enough for both men and women. The natural ingredients have been tested, carefully screened, and selected. It is also suitable for sensitive skin so you do not need to worry about adverse reactions. It is easy to apply and leaves you feeling light and fresh all day. (Buy on Amazon)

3. PiperWai Natural Charcoal Deodorant Stick

This gender-neutral natural charcoal deodorant is specially made to create a pH-balanced environment that repels bacteria. It keeps underarms smelling fresh all day, even after spending hours at the gym. PiperWai’s activated charcoal deodorant is also great for sensitive skin because it contains coconut oil, vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter. It does not cause any irritation when applied immediately after shaving. The citrus and mint scent ensures freshness all day long. (Buy on Amazon)

4. Kopari Men’s Charcoal Deodorant

Just like other natural charcoal-based deodorants, Kopari Men’s Charcoal Deodorant effectively protects you from body odor and sweat. When applied, it glides on smoothly and does not leave a white residue. Made with coconut water, sage, and coconut oil, its 100% plant-based formula makes it perfect for all skin types. It even has a soothing effect on the most sensitive skin. It is aluminum free and keeps you smelling fresh on even the longest workdays. (Buy on Amazon)

5. Native Charcoal Deodorant

After extensive testing to create a lightweight product, Native Charcoal Deodorant has an effective formula that protects both men and women. It also retains its mild properties for sensitive skin. This vegan charcoal-based deodorant is free from aluminum, phthalates, and talc. It is also gluten- and cruelty-free. Native Charcoal Deodorant can be applied easily, and will not stain your clothes. It comes in a variety of fragrances to suit every individual’s taste. (Buy on Amazon)

6. Hello Activated Charcoal Clean + Fresh Deodorant

Goodbye smelly armpits, Hello Activated Charcoal! This is a great choice for someone looking for a gender-neutral, chemical-free, charcoal deodorant. Made with natural ingredients like arrowroot, activated charcoal, shea butter, and tea tree oil, it provides all-day protection from sweat and odor. It goes on clean, without leaving a trace of residue or stains. Hello Activated Charcoal Clean + Fresh Deodorant is also free from aluminum and baking soda.
(Buy on Amazon)

7. Tom's of Maine Natural Charcoal Antiperspirant Deodorant 

Try Tom's of Maine Charcoal Antiperspirant for Men to keep you dry and fresh for up to 48 hours with activated charcoal. It has a smooth, non-irritating formula and is made withsustainably sourced ingredients, like recycled aluminum, which minimizes your carbon footprint. It is an ideal choice if you want a reliable deodorant that offers maximum protection and is good for the environment. (Buy on Amazon)

8. Cleo+Coco Women’s Natural Deodorant with Activated Charcoal

Cleo & Coco is a natural deodorant made to suit the needs of women. Carefully made with magnesium and bentonite clay, this unique formula eliminates odor and bacteria, helping you stay fresh and detoxed. Apart from its chemical-free ingredients, Cleo & Coco also has a creamy, soft texture and ensures that your clothes are not stained by residue. It also softens your underarms while keeping you fresh all day long. Cleo & Coco comes in several alluring feminine fragrances. (Buy on Amazon)

9. Schmidt's Charcoal and Magnesium Natural Deodorant

Perfect for both men and women, Schmidt’s charcoal and magnesium natural deodorant has a luxurious long-lasting scent. Filled with natural lavender, tea tree, and coconut scents, you are bound to smell crisp and clean all day. It is easily absorbed into the skin and has a smooth, non-greasy feel. This magnesium and charcoal-based deodorant is free from aluminum salts, parabens, artificial fragrances, and other chemicals. It is also vegan and cruelty-free, making it one of the best charcoal deodorants on the market. (Buy on Amazon)

Take Control of Your Sweat and Odor

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