Our Guide to Find the Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet in 2024

January 14, 2024 4 min read

best slippers for sweaty feet

There’s nothing better than lounging around the house in your favorite pair of slippers. But when your feet overheat, your slippers can wind up feeling soggy, slippery, and smelly. This defeats the purpose of slippers, which are supposed to be more comfortable than wearing shoes.

If this experience sounds familiar, then consider our picks for the best slippers for sweaty feet. We've also outlined what features to look for when picking out slippers if you are dealing with sweaty feet.

  1. Nootkas Astoria Mule House Slipper
  2. Acorn Romeo Slipper
  3. Sorel Manawan II Slippers
  4. Haflinger Alaska AS Classic Slippers
  5. UGG Scuff Slipper
  6. Acorn Digby Gore Slippers
  7. Acorn Spa Slide Slippers
  8. RockDove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper
  9. Vonamy Slippers Fuzzy Warm House Shoes
  10. LongBay Cozy Memory Foam Slippers
  11. CIOR Memory Foam Slippers
  12. HomeIdeas Classic House Memory Foam Slippers

This post was originally published in January 2022, and was updated in January 2023, July 2023, and January 2024.

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How to find men's slippers for sweaty feet

What makes some slippers better than others for sweaty feet? The most important factor is the fabric or material used to make them. Natural and breathable materials like cotton or wool don’t trap heat or moisture.

The best slippers for sweaty feet are usually open-toed or mules, which will promote airflow. You should also look for slippers with anti-odor technology to keep feet (and footwear) smelling fresh.

1. Nootkas Astoria Mule House Slipper

Nootkas Astoria Mule is a contender for the best men's slippers for sweaty feet. The premium felted wool upper insulates, breathes, and controls the temperature of your feet. They are moisture-wicking and naturally odor-resistant. The generous toe box and flat padded bottom provide a barefoot feel. (Buy on Amazon)

2. Acorn Romeo Slipper

When looking for men’s slippers for sweaty feet, consider the Romeo Slipper from Acorn. The moisture-wicking 100% sheepskin helps keep feet dry. The contoured footbed with memory foam offers heel and arch support. The closed-back design provides stability yet effortlessly slips on and off. (Buy on Amazon)

3. Sorel Manawan II Slippers

These suede slippers from Sorel come with a detachable footbed making it easy for you to air it out after extended use. They are designed to keep your feet warm during cold weather with a wool blend lining. The gripping rubber outsole makes them suitable for inside or outside use. (Buy on Amazon)

4. Haflinger Alaska AS Classic Slippers

Slip into the ultimate comfort of AS Classic Slippers! With a breathable boiled virgin wool upper to keep your feet warm and comfortable, a latex molded arch support for feet massage, and a double felted outsole with rubber dots for a secure grip, you're sure to take it easy while keeping those feet cozy and comfortable. (Buy on Amazon

5. UGG Scuff Slipper

Step into ultimate comfort with the UGG Scuff Slipper. It's designed with a waterproof full-grain leather upper, UGGpure wool insole, and a clear Spider Rubber outsole infused with cork for superior traction and comfort. Seam-sealed and waterproof construction make it perfect for any weather condition. (Buy on Amazon)

6. Acorn Digby Gore Slippers

Made from a 100% Italian wool blend, the Digby Gore from Acorn has a slip-on mule design with skid-resistant, weatherproof rubber soles. The memory foam and arch support cradle your foot for ultimate comfort. They are durable and versatile enough to wear outdoors. (Buy on Amazon)

man in slippers for sweaty feet

7. Acorn Spa Slide Slippers

Treat your feet to a spa-like experience with Acorn Spa Slide Slippers. These slippers are open-toed and open-backed to allow maximum airflow. The upper is made from super soft, plush terry fabric. The footbed features a multi-layer, memory foam cushioned insole with contoured arch support. (Buy on Amazon)

8. RockDove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

Wear these RockDove slippers any time of year. The breathable waffle-knit upper is made from a cotton blend to prevent sweat and odor buildup. The footbed has a memory foam layer and an EVA layer to ensure comfort. The sturdy rubber outsole, featuring a “spiky massager” arch support, allows you to step outside. (Buy on Amazon)

9. Vonamy Slippers Fuzzy Warm House Shoes

Another pick for best house slippers for sweaty feet comes from Vonamy. They are made to keep your feet warm, yet dry with a woolen felt upper and Sherpa lining. The breathable design prevents moisture yet provides all-day comfort. The footbed comprises high-density memory foam and shock-absorption EVA. (Buy on Amazon)

10. LongBay Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

Featuring a classic loafer style, these slippers from LongBay are warm and durable. The woolen upper and faux fur lining is moisture-wicking to keep feet dry. The footbed has high-density memory foam and a supportive insole for comfort. The rubber sole allows for flexibility inside or out. (Buy on Amazon)

11. CIOR Memory Foam Slippers

These Memory Foam Slippers are designed with superior cotton-blend texture and waffle design to keep your feet from feeling stuffy. The premium high-density memory foam insole and elastic memory foam heel offer maximum comfort and support. These slippers have excellent hygroscopicity and permeability to absorb moisture quickly. (Buy on Amazon)

12. HomeIdeas Classic House Memory Foam Slippers

These slippers from HomeIdeas are made from cotton and spandex, which allows for added flexibility and comfort. Four layers of memory foam, high elasticity sponge, and EVA cushion comprise the footbed. They are versatile enough to wear inside and out, during any time of year. (Buy on Amazon)

You can find slippers that don't make your feet feel soggy and hot. Remember, the best slippers for sweaty feet are made from breathable materials and have designs that promote airflow.

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