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The Casual Suit Look: A Style Guide for Men

August 16, 2023 3 min read

The Casual Suit Look: A Style Guide for Men

When it comes to men's fashion, the suit is a classic and versatile wardrobe piece. Traditionally reserved for formal events and business meetings, the suit has evolved to accommodate a more laid-back look too. By combining the clothes and accessories you already have, you can style a casual suit look.

Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your current wardrobe, and how to style casual, yet polished outfits.

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Mixing and Matching Blazers and Trousers

The cornerstone of achieving a casual suit look lies in the art of mixing and matching. Instead of always donning the full suit, experiment with combining different blazers and trousers to create unique outfits. Pair a tailored blazer from a formal suit with well-fitted chinos or dark jeans.

Opt for complementary colors and subtle patterns to create a harmonious yet relaxed vibe. This not only extends the versatility of your wardrobe but also allows you to put your own stamp on traditional suiting.

Casualizing the Dress Shirt

The dress shirt, often synonymous with formal occasions, can be reimagined for a more relaxed setting. Gently unbuttoning the collar and rolling up the sleeves can instantly shift the shirt's demeanor. It pairs effortlessly with neutral-toned slacks or even denim, striking a balance between refinement and comfort, which defines the refined casual look.

Sneakers or Loafers: The Choice is Yours

Footwear plays a pivotal role in setting the tone of an outfit. Transition from formal oxfords to minimalist white sneakers or elegant suede loafers to introduce a touch of casual sophistication. Sneakers infuse a contemporary flair, while loafers bridge the gap between casual and formal, granting you sartorial flexibility.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessories can make or break the casual suit look. A leather belt that matches your shoes, a minimalist watch, and perhaps a pocket square can subtly elevate your outfit. Avoid overly flashy accessories and instead opt for understated elegance that complements the relaxed vibe you're aiming for.

Layering with Knitwear

During cooler months, embrace the power of layering. Throw on a lightweight knit sweater over your dress shirt and under your blazer. This not only keeps you warm but also adds depth and texture to your outfit. Remember to balance the formality of your blazer with the informality of the sweater for a well-rounded look.

Experimenting with Ties and Bowties

Ties and bowties can be used in more than just formal settings. Wear them confidently with an open-collar dress shirt, a well-fitted blazer, and dark jeans. This innovative combination encapsulates a blend of sophistication and relaxation. Opt for ties and bowties crafted from materials like knit or cotton, accentuating the seamless fusion of elements.

Embrace Neutral and Earthy Tones

Color choices significantly impact the refined casual look. Embrace neutral and earthy tones such as navy, gray, beige, and olive green. These hues seamlessly integrate with a variety of ensembles, culminating in an appearance that is both polished and approachable.

casual suit look

The polished yet relaxed casual suit style shows how fashion can change your whole look. By carefully putting together blazers, trousers, shirts, and accessories you already own, you can create many classy and comfy outfits. Whether you're trying out a fitted blazer with jeans or embracing the adaptability of loafers and sneakers, your current clothes can be the starting point for a style that's both elegant and confident.

Step into the world of refined dressing with assurance – the casual suit look is there for you to shape as you like.

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