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The 18 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet and Smelly Feet in 2021

February 18, 2021 6 min read

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

If you have sweaty feet, you just can’t win: in the summer, your feet swelter in hot shoes, and in the winter you’re forced into thick warm socks that make your feet sweat. Stinky feet are a common problem – our feet have over 250,000 sweat glands and easily pick up bacteria that creates a distinctive smell when our feet sweat. 

Sweaty feet make for stinky feet. One surefire way to keep foot odor at bay is to wear proper sweat-absorbing socks. Look for these features when searching for moisture-wicking and anti-odor socks:

  • Anti-Odor Properties – Socks infused with silver anti-odor technology stops odor-causing bacteria.
  • Moisture Wicking – Moisture-wicking fabric keeps sweat away from your feet. Less sweat on your feet means less stink in your shoe.
  • Breathable – Mesh ventilation zones improve air circulation, keeping feet cool and dry.

clothes that fight sweat and odor

Along with the moisture-wicking and breathable features, look for socks that are also designed for comfort. Cushioned footbeds, seamless construction and non-slip cuffs reduce friction and irritation.

Here are 18 of the best socks for sweaty feet and stinky feet. As you'll see, they're designed for moisture-wicking, breathability, and odor management – and are our top choices for smelly feet.

This article was originally published in March 2019, and was updated in December 2019 and February 2021.

Best Socks for Smelly Feet - Brown Shoes being tied

1. Balega Unisex Hidden Dry No Show Socks

If you love options and need a no-show sock that can handle intense situations, these socks from Balega are a great option. They come in 18 different colors and styles and are made of primarily polyester and nylon. They're a bit more expensive at a per-pair cost than others on this list though. Buy on Amazon.

2. Bridgedale Ultralight Coolmax Liner Socks

Looking for an ultralight liner sock? Bridgedale has what you’re looking for! Bridgedale Ultralight Coolmax Liner Socks are made primarily of Coolmax, a proprietary microfiber that helps keep your feet dry and cool all day without making the socks bulky or thick. Buy on Amazon.

3. Champion Dri Moisture Wicking No Show Socks

Need a good, go-to pair of socks for working out? These ones from Champion come in a six-pack, in either white or black, and work well for the price. They're mostly a combination of cotton and polyester, helping your feet keep breathing even as you work up a sweat. Buy on Amazon.

4. Darn Tough No Show Tab Ultra Light Cushion Sock

For another athletic-style sock to manage foot sweat and odor, these Darn Tough no-show socks are a good contender. With big breathable panels on the top of each foot, they're made from merino wool (great for moisture wicking) and nylon (great for breathability). They have a slightly higher price point per sock, but might be a good option if you've tried all the others. Buy on Amazon.

5. Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Quarter Socks

Dickies Dri-Tech is a well known line of their socks, which are designed to reduce moisture around your feet to keep them dry and cool (or warm, depending on the season). They come in 6-pack multi-packs in black, white, grey, and a few other colors if you're a bit non-traditional that way. Buy on Amazon.

Best Socks for Smelly Feet - Athletic Socks

6. Drymax Hyper Thin Running Mini Crew

If you need an ultra-thin sock for running or other activities – but still need it to hold up to foot sweat and odor, consider this one from Drymax. Despite its thin profile, these socks can handle it. They're made primarily of Olefin, a great moisture-wicking material, along with polyester and nylon. Buy on Amazon.

7. Ejis Dress Socks with Odor Fighting Silver

We obviously think that our socks are among the best socks for smelly feet, too! Our Dress Socks (buy in our shop or on Amazonhave odor-fighting silver woven right into every sock – and it won’t wash out like other anti-odor sock treatments. Our socks are also designed to help remove sweat from your feet so that you stay dry and cool; we think that’s what makes them the best dress socks for sweaty feet! Buy a pair for just $14.99 per pair in the Ejis store.

8. Kodal Copper Infused Moisture-Wicking Low Cut Socks

We found this copper-infused moisture-wicking style from Kodal, a lesser-known brand, that might be worth trying. The copper infusion cuts down on odors, while the rest of the material is 80% combed cotton to help your feet breathe and stay dry. They come primarily in athletic styles and colors, but the price for a six-pack is pretty reasonable. Buy on Amazon.

9. New Balance NBX Hydrotec No Show Socks

New Balance is another running company that it's no surprise to see on the list: they've been around for a long time making socks and shoes to keep your feet cool and comfortable for athletics or leisure. These socks are unisex despite the bright colors, and have a proprietary moisture-wicking fabric blend to help manage foot sweat. Buy on Amazon.

10. PowerSox Cushion Low Cut Socks With Coolmax

If you recognize "Coolmax," its the same name as the Bridgedale socks we mentioned earlier. While the two companies aren't related, they both have the same idea: design socks to keep your feet as cool as possible. These PowerSox ones are basic and affordable, and made primarily of polyester and cotton. Buy on Amazon.

Best Socks for Smelly Feet - Leisure Socks

11. Saucony Bolt Performance Comfort Fit No-Show Socks

Like the Kodal socks mentioned above, these Saucony no-show socks are designed for athletic use and are colored the same way. But they have a totally different composition that may make them better for helping your feet sweat and smell less: they're 98% polyester, a good breathable material to have on your feet. Buy on Amazon.

12. Serisimple Bamboo Breathable Low Quarter Sock

Did you know that bamboo is a great natural fiber to help reduce foot sweat and smell? Bamboo is a thin, soft material for socks but also has natural antibacterial qualities. Serisimple sells a breathable low quarter sock that’s 80% bamboo fiber, able to last the whole workday, and one of the top socks for sweaty feet. Buy on Amazon.

13. SIXDAYSOX No Show Odor-Resistant Non-Slip Socks

If you love shoes that show some ankle but also struggle with foot sweat and stinky feet, you know first hand the pain of trying to find socks. Luckily SIXDAYSOX offers a good option: their No Show Odor-Resistant Non-Slip Socks are good for an active day – or just one when you want to show a little ankle. Buy on Amazon.

14. Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Micro Socks

Smartwool is known for their great wool products; we all know that wool is an excellent moisture-wicking material. These "micro socks" are among their smallest, most performance oriented; they have a number of other styles in the PhD line that will also have the same result. Buy on Amazon.

15. Stance Men's Athletic Tab ST Sock

If you'd like another athletic sock option, this one from Stance is a great choice. In addition to being designed for performance with tear and rip resistant design, they also have a "FEEL360" technology to keep feet dry and comfortable even through a long workout. They come in a number of colors – including black for you traditionalists and red for those a bit more bold. Buy on Amazon.

Best Socks for Smelly Feet - Dress Socks with Oranges on them

16. Thorlos Experia Prolite Xptu Ultra Thin Cushion No Show Socks

These socks from Thorlos Experia are a mouthful to say – but don't let that turn you off from trying them if you're looking for the best socks to help with sweaty feet. They're made from nylon and polyester and are designed for maximum moisture-wicking. They also come in a number of unisex styles and colors. Buy on Amazon.

17. Under Armour Elevated Performance Crew Socks

If you prefer a taller sock without suffering from sweaty feet and sweaty ankles, these Under Armour crew socks are worth a try. They're made from a combination of polyester, nylon, and cotton for maximum comfort and breathability, and are taller than most of the other socks on this list. Additionally, there's a mesh panel over the toes to help with ventilation. Buy on Amazon. 

18. Wigwam Double Duty Crew Length Work Sock

The Double Duty Crew Length Work Sock from Wigwam makes our list of the best socks for stinky feet because it has several good things going for it. First, the socks are made of a blend of materials that help reduce foot sweat – and thus foot smell! The socks are also infused with an antimicrobial treatment that helps reduce bacteria on your feet, also reducing foot stinkiness. Buy on Amazon.

With the right socks, you can confidently step out of your shoes in any situation... knowing your feet are cool and dry; and your shoes are fresh and odor-free. Which socks will you be adding to your wardrobe?

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