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The 16 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet and Smelly Feet in 2022

May 01, 2022 5 min read

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

If you have sweaty feet, you just can’t win. In the summer your feet swelter in hot shoes, and in the winter you’re forced into thick warm socks that make your feet sweat. Stinky feet are a common problem – our feet have over 250,000 sweat glands and easily pick up bacteria that create a distinctive smell when our feet sweat.

Sweaty feet make for stinky feet. One surefire way to keep foot odor at bay is to wear proper sweat-absorbing socks. Look for these features when searching for moisture-wicking and anti-odor socks:

  • Anti-Odor Properties – Socks infused with silver anti-odor technology stops odor-causing bacteria.
  • Moisture Wicking – Moisture wicking fabric keeps sweat away from your feet. Less sweat on your feet means less stink in your shoe.
  • Breathable – Mesh ventilation zones improve air circulation, keeping feet cool and dry.

Along with the moisture-wicking and breathable features, look for socks that are also designed for comfort. Cushioned footbeds, seamless construction and non-slip cuffs reduce friction and irritation.

Here are 16 of the best socks for sweaty feet and stinky feet. As you'll see, they're designed to promote moisture-wicking, breathability, and odor management – and are our top choices for smelly feet.

  1. Ejis Dress Socks with Odor Fighting Silver
  2. COOLMAX Performance Compression Socks
  3. MAXTOP Compression Ankle Socks
  4. PowerSox Cushion Low Cut Socks
  5. Hylaea No Show Running Socks
  6. Toes&Feet Low-Cut Running Socks
  7. Kodal Copper Infused Ankle Quarter Socks
  8. Iseasoo Copper Compression Socks
  9. Sooverki Graduated Copper Compression Socks
  10. FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks
  11. Toes&Feet Quarter Crew Socks
  12. Avalanche Wool Blend Crew Socks
  13. Kodal Copper Infused Low Cut Socks
  14. Hissox Copper Running Socks
  15. Dickies Dri-tech Crew Socks
  16. Under Armour Elevated Performance Crew Socks

This article was originally published in March 2019, and was updated in December 2019, February 2021, December 2021 and May 2022.

1. Ejis Dress Socks with Odor Fighting Silver

We obviously think that our socks are the best socks for smelly feet. Our Dress Socks have odor-fighting silver woven right into every sock – and it won’t wash out like other anti-odor sock treatments. Our socks are also designed to help remove sweat from your feet so that you stay dry and cool; we think that’s what makes them the best dress socks for sweaty feet! (Buy in our shop or on Amazon)

2. COOLMAX Performance Compression Socks

These COOLMAX® Performance Socks are designed to optimize your performance by keeping your feet cool, comfortable and dry. They provide comfortable compression support, wick moisture and disperse heat, making them one of the best athletic socks for sweaty feet. (Buy on Amazon)

3. Maxtop Compression Ankle Socks

The MAXTOP compression ankle socks with COOLMAX® technology are designed for high performance activities. The breathable and moisture wicking materials, coupled with the mesh ventilation, keep your feet cool and dry. The mild compression helps promote blood flow. (Buy on Amazon)

4. PowerSox Cushion Low Cut Socks

As with the previously mentioned socks with COOLMAX® technology, these low-cut socks from PowerSox are designed to keep your feet as cool as possible. These PowerSox ones are basic and affordable, and made primarily of polyester and cotton. (Buy on Amazon)

5. Hylaea No Show Running Socks

These no show running socks are softer, denser and more durable than your everyday athletic socks. Made from high-end quick dry COOLMAX® fiber, these socks from Hylaea wick sweat away from your skin to keep feet dry. They also feature ant-blister cushioning and compression arch support. (Buy on Amazon)

6. Toes&Feet Low-Cut Running Socks

The Toes&Feet low-cut running socks utilize titanium to prevent odor-causing bacteria growth and relieve common foot fungus. Made from cotton, they also feature elastic arch support and breathable mesh on the top of feet. The combed cotton absorbs moisture, while the polypropylene wicks sweat away. (Buy on Amazon)

7. Kodal Copper Infused Ankle Quarter Socks

We found this copper-infused moisture-wicking sock from Kodal, a lesser-known brand, that might be worth trying. The copper infusion cuts down on odors, while the 80% combed cotton helps your feet breathe and stay dry. These socks also feature arch compression support to help with foot fatigue. (Buy on Amazon)

8. Iseasoo Copper Compression Socks

These full coverage compression socks are perfect for athletic activities or long work days on your feet. The copper infused fibers, in concert with the mild compression, rejuvenate blood circulation. The copper also helps prevent odor. The performance fabric is moisture wicking and breathable. (Buy on Amazon)

9. Sooverki Graduated Copper Compression Socks

Check out these full coverage copper compression socks from Sooverki. They feature a mesh ventilated design ensuring breathability to keep feet dry and comfortable all day long. The graduated compression comfortably supports your legs, helps improve circulation and reduces fatigue. (Buy on Amazon)

10. FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks

FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks are another great option for athletes or others who spend their workday on their feet. Made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, these socks keep feet dry and comfortable. They are designed to improve circulation, and reduce swelling. (Buy on Amazon)

11. Toes&Feet Quarter Crew Socks

Toes&Feet also make quarter crew socks with the same features as their low-cut running socks. The socks are made from combed cotton and moisture-wicking polypropylene to keep your feet dry. The stretch rib opening and reinforced heels ensure comfort. (Buy on Amazon)

12. Avalanche Wool Blend Crew Socks

These midweight crew socks are designed to keep your feet feeling fresh and comfortable. They're made with a blend of wool and copper yarns to prevent and control odors. The moisture wicking technology keeps your feet cool and dry while the arch support and seamless toe bed reduce irritation. (Buy on Amazon)

13. Kodal Copper Infused Low Cut Socks

These low-cut moisture-wicking socks rank among the best socks for sweaty feet. The copper-infused yarn helps to keep your feet fresh, while the combed cotton helps your feet stay dry. The design also includes arch compression support that aims to reduce foot fatigue. (Buy on Amazon)

14. Hissox Copper Running Socks

Hissox socks are designed to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable. They are made with a blend of moisture-wicking material with mesh venting and are perfect to pair with casual shoes, sneakers, or athletic shoes. The copper-infused fibers prevent odor. Available in crew or ankle lengths. (Buy on Amazon)

15. Dickies Dri-Tech Quarter Socks

Dickies Dri-Tech socks are designed to reduce moisture around your feet to keep them dry and cool (or warm, depending on the season). They are made from breathable and moisture-controlling fibers. These crew socks have a reinforced heel and toe to ensure durability. (Buy on Amazon)

16. Under Armour Elevated Performance Crew Socks

If you prefer a taller sock without suffering from sweaty feet and sweaty ankles, these Under Armour crew socks are worth a try. They're made from a combination of polyester, nylon, and cotton for maximum comfort and breathability. There's also a mesh panel over the toes to help with ventilation. (Buy on Amazon)

With the right socks, you can confidently step out of your shoes in any situation... knowing your feet are cool and dry, and your shoes are fresh and odor-free. Which socks will you be adding to your wardrobe?

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