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Cotton Crew Neck Sweat Proof Undershirt

65 reviews
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  • When you need to look your best in a suit and tie, wear a sweat proof cotton crew neck undershirt from Ejis. Our powerful sweat stain prevention capabilities and odor crushing technology will leave your dress shirts bone dry and leave you smelling great.

    Stop throwing out perfectly good dress shirts because of ugly yellow stains caused by antiperspirants. Your days of being “the sweaty guy” are now behind you.

    How is the sweat proof cotton shirt different from the micro modal undershirt?

    To keep you looking dry we used micro modal in the pad to deliver the same sweat absorbing and blocking performance as our full micro modal sweat blocking undershirts and paired it with lightweight, premium 100% combed cotton for the body of the shirt.

  • LARGE ONE PIECE WATERPROOF LAYER stops sweat from transferring to your shirt. Think of it as your never-fail backup to antiperspirant deodorant, durable enough to be washed over and over and chemical free.

    SILVER COMBATS ODOR CAUSING BACTERIA. Silver is permanently bound to the fibers of our anti-sweat cotton undershirt, which keeps you fresher longer. It also helps to regulate your body temperature by pulling heat away from the body when you're hot and keeping you warmer when you're cold.

    SUPER PREMIUM MICRO MODAL FABRIC IN THE PAD is 2x softer and 50% more water-absorbent than cotton alone, which means our cotton sweat proof shirt has the exact same sweat blocking performance as our micro modal undershirts.

    STAYS TUCKED IN with added length. The slim fit design keeps the protective area snugly up against your armpit, where it belongs. Stop settling for slopping, disheveled t-shirts under your dress shirts – upgrade to an extra-long sweat proof undershirt.

    WHAT THIS UNDERSHIRT WON'T DO is make your sweat disappear. Unfortunately, we can’t stop sweat from happening. It may feel damp under your arms but sweat stains won't show on your shirt when you wear this powerful sweat proof crewneck.

    Why Ejis?

    We founded Ejis based on the belief we could make you feel more confident by solving two of your most embarrassing problems, sweat marks and odor. We've woven intelligent design, world class functionality and unrivaled comfort into our undershirts to give you what we call"Wearable Confidence"

    The Ejis sweat proof undershirts were engineered from the ground up specifically for the exceptional man who wants an unfailing, discreet solution to sweat marks and bad odor. Join the thousands of men who are now able to wear what they want because of their Ejis undershirts.

    Also available in V-Neck.

  • First Product Guarantee

    Buy one undershirt and one pair of boxers and try them out risk-free! If you don’t love them, we’ll send you a different size or issue a refund. No return required. Visit the FAQs for details.

    Satisfaction Guarantee 45-day Return Policy

    If it’s not covered by our First Product Guarantee, we’ll still issue a refund or process an exchange for orders returned to us within 45 days of purchase. We don’t resell items that have been tried on (because no one wants to buy used underwear) so all returned items must be unopened, unworn, unwashed, containing the tags and are folded neatly inside the original, packaging that is not torn, ripped or cut open. Visit the FAQs for details.

It will actually work for you. Or your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does sweat proof mean?

Our sweat proof undershirts and boxer briefs are engineered to prevent sweat stains. Can we stop you from sweating? Heck no! But we can keep sweat marks from appearing on the armpit of your dress shirts and the seat of your pants.

What if it doesn’t work?

You get a full 45 days from purchase to put your first undershirt to the test to make sure it really works for you just like it does for tens of thousands of other men. If you feel it’s not right for you just let us know and we’ll give you a refund. Valid for single units only. Multi-packs are eligible for our Satisfaction Guarantee 45-day Return Policy. See the FAQ more details.

How does a silver-infused undershirt fight odor?

Bacteria cause odor, and silver has anti-odor properties. We infuse silver particles into our fabrics to help fight that odor-causing bacteria. Our odor-resistant undershirts are scientifically engineered to keep your shirts smelling fresh. Each of our anti-odor undershirts includes this powerful technology, as do our odor-fighting socks and sweat-proof underwear.

Where do these shirts get their sweat-fighting superpowers?

It might look like just an undershirt, but there’s a lot of technology behind our design. We begin with a soft, moisture-wicking micro modal pad fused with silver to fight odor-causing bacteria. We then add a durable waterproof layer to help defend your dress shirt from sweat, and finish with a super comfortable outer layer. The result is an undershirt with a sweat-proof barrier that keeps sweat from showing through to your dress shirt, and stops sweat marks or deodorant marks.

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    Sara T.
    United States United States

    Better than Thompson Tee


    Hi Sara, Thank you for leaving a review. I am so happy to hear that you are loving your Ejis undershirt! Have a great day, Merrielle Ejis Customer Support

    NYFD -.
    United States United States

    Item quality second to none. Style It’s not a crew. I like to wear as a shirt but neckline is way to low Looks like a ladies top


    Hi John, Thank you for leaving a review! I apologize for the frustration with the cut of the crew neck, I will send your comments on to our product development team. I hope your Ejis undershirt is keeping you sweat and odor free! Have a great day, Merrielle Ejis Customer Support

    John M.
    United States United States

    Product is freakin exceptional. Style Crew shirt almost wears like a v neck. Not a true crew. Looks like a ladies top if I try to wear it as a regular top


    Hi John, Thank you for leaving a review! I apologize for the frustration with the cut of the crew neck, I will send your comments to our product development team. I hope your Ejis undershirt is keeping you sweat and odor free! Have a great day, Merrielle Ejis Customer Support

    Ian H.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Having no to little sense of smell the presence of sweat undermines my confidence and stresses me out, leading to (you guessed it) more sweat. I tried the undershirt, somewhat sceptically, and rather than caking on an anti perspirent stick just plumped for a light body spray. Normally I would look like a reservoir had burst under each armpit so I was happy to report a dry shirt (and undershirt interestingly) and no one backing away (social distancing excepted) Thanks Ejis


    Hi Ian, Thank you for leaving a review! We understand what it's like to have sweat marks come through your shirt, and we created this product to eliminate the negative feeling that goes along with this happening. I am so happy to hear that your Ejis undershirt kept you free from sweat marks all day! Have a great day, Merrielle Ejis Customer Support