Perfect fit. Increased confidence. Everything I hoped it would be. Has extended the life of my shirts and ensured dry pits!
– Robert R.

V-Neck Cotton Sweat Proof Undershirt For Men


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Tired of having to wear dark colors to hide your sweat?

Ejissweat proof undershirts are scientifically engineered to eliminate sweat stains, freeing you to wear any color you want. The cotton v-neck is the perfect choice to keep your undershirt out of view if you wear a button-up shirt without a tie.

These cotton undershirts have the same absorbent and waterproof materials in the protective pad as ourmicro modal undershirts. That means they provide the same sweat-blocking performance, but are made with lightweight, prewashed 100% combed cotton.

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Your new wardrobe staple. Add our Cotton V Neck Sweat Proof Undershirt to your cart today, and wear what you want when you want.

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Finally, say goodbye to embarrassing sweat stains!

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