How to instantly feel more confident, powerful and boost your abstract thinking.

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How to instantly feel more confident, powerful and boost your abstract thinking. The simple secret to getting an edge at work.


Ask yourself, would you like to feel more confident and powerful?

Would that come in handy when you’re meeting with your most important client? Or when presenting the findings from a project you’ve spent weeks working on? Or maybe when you have your performance review with your boss and your promotion worth tens of thousands of dollars hangs in the balance? A study jointly conducted at Columbia University and California State University points to the power that clothing can have on our emotions and behavior. The study found that wearing more formal clothing (think suits or lab coat) increased confidence, power and abstract thinking.


You may already know this to be true based on your own experiences. Think of the last time you wore a tuxedo and felt just a little bit like James Bond. Or on Halloween when you dressed up like Superman and felt a few inches taller.

This effect is called “enclothed cognition”. Dr. Hajo Adam and Dr. Adam Galinsky explored this idea further in their study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Showing that symbolic meaning and physical experience of wearing certain clothes can influence the wearer's psychology.


“Clothes invade the body & brain, putting the wearer into a different psychological state.” - Dr. Galinsky


But just wearing more formal clothing is not enough, you must also prevent confidence crushing pit falls like:


  • Sweaty armpits
  • Un-groomed facial hair
  • And body odor

So how do you take advantage of this secret to give you an edge?

You don’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe to get the same confidence boosting benefits. Instead, you can invest in a few carefully selected pieces of clothing that pack that same symbolic punch and trigger the feelings and behaviors you want. That could be a blazer instead of a hoodie, or leather shoes instead of sneakers.


While both of those are great options if you need to bulletproof your confidence and make sure nothing shakes your confidence, like those gross armpit stains and body odor then you need sweat proof and odor fighting line of undershirts and boxer briefs from Ejis.

Strut into any room knowing you’re looking good and are ready to perform. Engineered from the ground up to eliminate sweat marks from clothing and extend the life of your favorite shirts by making it impossible for the yellow stains caused by antiperspirant to form. They aren’t just underwear, they are an investment in you, your confidence and your career.  


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