Thompson Tee On Shark Tank

So you watched Shark Tank and saw Thompson Tee's sweat proof shirt and thought to yourself "That looks interesting, I should check that out!".

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis any new potential solution can seem exciting.

But before you dive in and buy one of their undershirts you may want to know what your options are.

That's where the Ejis sweat proof men's basics come into the picture. 

Ejis's line-up of products has you covered from top to bottom, with sweat proof v neck and crew neck undershirts as well as sweat proof underwear

So what's so special about the Ejis products that set them apart? 

Of course, the protected areas in the undershirts and underwear will stop your sweat from reaching your clothes. Eliminating those embarrassing sweat marks allowing you to wear the colors you want and feel more confident than ever. 


“This T-shirt does exactly what it says it will do. 
It blocks any sweat from getting to your dress shirt.
No more worrying about visible “stress sweat” 
– Michael R.


The New Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirt

Things only get better from there.

All Ejis basics are treated with real silver which is permanently fused to the fabric fibers to kill odor causing bacteria. That leaves you smelling fresher for longer.

The silver is also naturally thermo-regulating which keeps you cooler when it's hot and warmer when it's cold. Pretty cool, huh?

Then there is the extra large single piece under arm pad. Because it's made from a single uncut waterproof material there is a drastically reduced risk of leakage. Other undershirts have a seam that cuts right through their waterproof layer, which is the exact area on your shirt you want to stay bone dry. 

The micro modal fabric that the basics are made of was specifically selected after considering countless fabrics because it's 2x softer than cotton. With 5% spandex to add stretch, it may be the most comfortable basics you've ever worn.

And finally, there is the Ejis patent pending sweat proof underwear. Pits aren't the only place on the body that sweat, so don’t be left with only a sweat proof undershirt option.

Ejis sweat proof underwear aims to finally solve the swamp ass or ‘swass’ problem. That means no more sweat marks on your pants or shorts.

They also have a 45 day ‘love it or send it back’ guarantee. They're so confident in their products they made their guarantee 50% longer than you’ll find elsewhere.

Of course, it’s not just all about features and benefits when you make a decision to buy something. You need the product to do what it’s supposed to, but what you buy also says something about who you are and what you stand for.

If you’re curious enough to be reading this you’re probably one of the exceptional men that want an unfailing, yet discreet, solution who reach for an Ejis product every day.

Ejis was founded on the belief that they could make you feel more confident by solving two of your most embarrassing problems, sweat marks and odor. 

Intelligent design, world class functionality and unrivaled comfort are woven into each product giving you real "Wearable Confidence".

You can join the thousands of other men who are now able to wear what they want because of their Ejis basics