“Truly fantastic. Sweat stains, ruined dress-shirts, feeling uncomfortable are a thing of the past. Wearable confidence really describes it best. A life changer.” -- Dirk S.

Deep V Cotton Sweat Proof Undershirt For Men - Grey 9-Pack

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Forced to throw out shirts because of sweat stains?

Never worry about sweating through your shirts again. Whether in the office or at the bar, the Ejis Deep V Neck undershirt has you protected.

Our cotton undershirts use the same absorbent and waterproof materials as our Micro Modal version in the protective pad. That means they provide the same sweat-blocking performance, just made with lightweight, premium, 100% combed cotton.

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The most versatile sweat proof undershirt. Add our Cotton Deep V Neck Sweat Proof Undershirt to your cart today, and bask in the calm knowledge that nothing can stop you now.

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Finally, say goodbye to embarrassing sweat stains!

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