Everything to Know About How to Stop Armpit Sweat

February 15, 2020 6 min read

how to stop armpit sweat

Let us just put it out there - dealing with excessive armpit sweat is a real pain. Axillary hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweat, can take over your life if you are unsure how to stop armpit sweat. When it’s extreme, you may even find yourself changing the types of clothes you wear, avoiding interaction with people and even steering clear of some of your favorite activities.

If you are fed up with living a life full of restrictions and embarrassing sweat marks, keep reading to learn how to stop armpit sweat. We’ve compiled 9 ways to reduce underarm sweat and improve the quality of your life.

1. Make adjustments to your diet.

Learn what foods to avoid.

The thermic effect of foods makes them a prime consideration if you need to figure out how to prevent armpit sweat. Avoid foods that are salty like beef jerky, salted nuts, or potato chips. These foods contain a lot of sodium that is released from your body as excess urine or sweat.

Processed foods like white bread, biscuits, and breakfast cereals are low in fiber and nutrients. This causes your body to work harder at digesting them, which increases sweat production.

Spicy foods, like hot wings or wasabi, can trigger the sweat glands in your body (as a natural reaction to try to lower your body temperature), making you sweat everywhere, including your armpits.

Try out foods that reduce sweat.

Just as there are foods that can trigger sweating, some foods can actually regulate your body temperature and reduce underarm sweat. In general, make sure you eat plenty of foods that are easy to digest and low in sodium. For example, oats are full of fiber and are easily digested without breaking a sweat, if you pardon the pun.

Look for vegetables and fruits dense in water and nutrients, like grapes, cauliflower, watermelons, and red cabbage. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. This prevents your body from overheating and feeling dehydrated, both of which makes you sweat more.

Some foods can actually regulate your body temperature and reduce underarm sweat.

2. Avoid caffeine.

Many people start their days by brewing a hot cup of java and replenish their cups throughout the day. There is nothing wrong with an added boost of energy, but it comes with a cost. When you rev up your central nervous system with caffeine, your body functions at a higher temperature level, causing more sweat to be produced.

So if you want to know how to stop underarm sweating, avoiding (or reducing) your caffeine intake is good place to start.

3. Use the right antiperspirant in the right way.

Finding an effective antiperspirant is key. You may use an over-the-counter clinical strength antiperspirant or maybe you’ve upgraded to a product that is only available with a prescription. Either way, using an antiperspirant improperly may make the situation even worse.

To make sure you properly apply your antiperspirant, follow these simply steps:

  • If possible, apply antiperspirant twice a day, in the morning and at night. If you cannot apply it twice a day, it is best to apply antiperspirant before bed.
  • Apply antiperspirant to completely dry skin. Then allow it to dry again before getting dressed.
  • Use as directed. There is no benefit to using more than recommended.
  • By properly applying your antiperspirant you’ve already mastered one sweaty armpit solution.

4. Shave your armpits.

While having hairy armpits does not cause sweaty armpit, it may contribute to sweat marks and stains. First of all, having hairy armpits may prevent your antiperspirant from making contact with the skin, making it less effective in stopping your sweat.

how to prevent armpit sweat

Additionally, having armpit hair causes moisture to linger in your armpits longer than it would if there was no hair, and it can make sweat stains worse. The added moisture may also mix with the bacteria on your skin, which causes odor. Shaving your armpits may help reduce the discomfort associated with excessive underarm sweat and effectiveness of your antiperspirants.

5. Wear appropriate clothing.

It’s perfectly natural to select your clothes based on the weather or for a particular occasion. However, it may be beneficial to look for clothing made from breathable fabrics to help regulate your body temperature, regardless of the time of year. For added protection, consider wearing shirts designed for hyperhidrosis are becoming more available to people who sweat excessively.

If you want to protect the shirts you already own, you can benefit from wearing an Ejis sweat proof undershirt. Our micro modal or cotton sweat proof undershirts (buy in our shop or on Amazonfeature a waterproof layer to prevent wet marks or sweat stains. They are also infused with odor-fighting silver.

6. Make simple lifestyle changes.

Work to reduce stress.

As a modern man, you are probably not a stranger to the effects of stress and anxiety. However, when your stress level increases, so does your body temperature, resulting in increased sweat. If you have been trying to figure out how to get rid of sweaty armpits, you may want to work on reducing your stress level.

We’re not suggesting you take off work to travel to Bali to rid yourself of stress. Simple adjustments to your daily schedule may help lower your stress:

  • Take a break from your busy work schedule to get centered by taking a micro nap or practicing meditation to clear your head.
  • Look into athletic activities that may help you physically get rid of stress, like kickboxing, or learn how to let it go with yoga.
  • Start listening to audio books or a compelling podcast to drown out the noise pollution while commuting to and from work.

When your stress level increases, so does your body temperature... resulting in increased sweat.

Stop smoking cigarettes.

If you smoke cigarettes, then you already know there are many health-related risks associated with smoking. But you may not know that smoking cigarettes also makes you sweat more, like when you drink too much caffeine. The nicotine in cigarettes causes your body’s temperature and heart rate to increase, which kicks your sweat glands into overtime to help cool you off and calm you down.

7. Apply astringents to constrict pores.

Just as caffeine and nicotine encourage sweat pores to open up, astringents have the opposite effect by causing the sweat pores to compress. As such, applying an astringent may be a super simple and effective sweaty underarms treatment.

Two ready-to-use and easily available astringents are apple cider vinegar and witch hazel. Simply saturate a cotton ball, and apply full-strength to your underarm skin. (Use with caution on freshly shaven armpits!) Another popular astringent is black tea or sage. Steep as usual, allow to cool and then apply to the armpits using a cotton ball.

8. Regularly exercise.

It might seem counterintuitive, but regularly exercising may help to reduce and regulate your sweat outbreaks. Being physically active helps relieve and manage stress (as previously mentioned) so it naturally reduces your body’s natural reaction to stress sweat. It may also retrain your body, in a sense, to sweat more during heavy workouts and less frequently when your body is functioning at a normal pace.

9. Look into medications and medical treatments.

After you’ve exhausted the natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments, you may want to talk to your doctor may prescribe an oral medication, such as an anticholinergic, to help your body reduce the amount of sweat it produces.

Other medical treatments include:

  • Botox – an injection to prevent sweat glands from activating and producing sweat. Unfortunately this is not a permanent fix and require repeated injections every 6 months.
  • MiraDry – a permanent laser heat therapy that closes the pores of the sweat glands inside the underarms.
  • QBREXZA – medicated wipes used daily to block sweat gland receptors.

Be sure to talk to your doctor to learn more about medical treatments or other options available.

Living with excessive underarm sweat can be time-consuming and disruptive. But by taking a proactive approach to learn how to stop armpit sweat - and the appearance of sweat - you can regain your confidence and start living the life you deserve!

Until there is a cure for axillary hyperhidrosis, look for sweat protection and support from Ejis. Our experienced team is always looking for ways to improve our brand and create new and unique products to combat sweat. By offering comfortable and reliable products, you can take control of your life, sweat and all.


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