The 12 Best Deodorants for Smelly Armpits

The 12 Best Deodorants for Smelly Armpits

May 13, 2020 5 min read

Most of us incorporate products into our daily hygiene routine to keep ourselves smelling – and feeling – fresh. These products can be especially important for those who have a daily battle with persistent underarm odor. When a product stops working halfway through the day, it's time to re-evaluate the product you currently use. To help you find a reliable product that ensures freshness throughout your day, check out our top picks for the best deodorant for smelly armpits.

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how to stop sweating naturally

How to Stop Sweating Naturally: 16 Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating

May 07, 2020 5 min read

When people find sweat literally rolling off their skin without an obvious cause, they may have hyperhidrosis. This medical condition is caused by overactive nerves that send signals to the sweat glands, resulting in excessive sweating. We have collected 16 ways to help you reduce perspiration. This guide offers ideas on how to stop sweating naturally, with a number of home remedies for those who prefer a homeopathic approach.
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botox for hyperhidrosis

Botox for Hyperhidrosis: All You Need to Know

May 01, 2020 3 min read

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, your life is driven by ways to treat, hide, or manage the symptoms associated with it. Apart from the obvious physical inconveniences, your condition may also produce feelings of embarrassment and social anxiety. After a while, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to stop the nonstop production of sweat you encounter daily. Your saving grace may be a treatment most commonly known for smoothing out wrinkles… Botox.
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best clinical strength antiperspirant

The 9 Best Clinical Strength Antiperspirants

April 22, 2020 4 min read

It’s 11:30 in the morning, and you already feel your sweat seep through your shirt… even though you applied antiperspirant right after your shower. Does this scenario sound familiar? If so, you may need to switch to a stronger antiperspirant specially designed to combat excessive sweat. Some people sweat a lot regardless of the temperature or their level of physical exertion. This is typically caused by a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. One of the easiest ways to treat hyperhidrosis without seeing a doctor is to use clinical strength antiperspirants, like the ones we've highlighted in this article.
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how to stop back sweat

How to Stop Back Sweat: 6 Ways to Prevent Back Sweat

April 15, 2020 4 min read

It’s one thing to work up a sweat during a workout or DIY landscape project in the summer. You can simply shower or take off your shirt to cool down and stop sweating. However, when your back sweats all of the time for no apparent reason, it can become embarrassing, expensive and uncomfortable. If you are tired of always having a damp shirt or the eery feeling of sweat trickling down your back, keep reading. In this article, we explore how to stop back sweat and improve the quality of your life.

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work from home routine

Tips to Master a Work-from-Home Routine

April 08, 2020 6 min read

Be honest, when the social distancing requirements were announced did you get excited for the chance to work from home? Most people perceive remote work through rose-tinted glasses as an oasis for flexibility, free time and autonomy. Unfortunately, the reality may be quite different, and it doesn’t come without challenges, especially during a public health emergency. This guide is designed to help you harness your productivity with tips on establishing a realistic and effective work-from-home routine.
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hyperhidrosis medication

Hyperhidrosis Medication: What Are Your Options?

April 01, 2020 3 min read

If you are struggling with hyperhidrosis, you may have tried everything to get your sweating under control. Your collection of over-the-counter antiperspirants fills up a whole shelf in your medicine cabinet. You stopped drinking coffee and eating spicy foods. You carry a handkerchief with you to mop up the visible sweat on your skin. Is it time to consider hyperhidrosis medication to curb your sweating? Read on to learn about medication options before consulting your doctor about a prescription for sweating.
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how to stop sweating so much

How to Stop Sweating So Much: 6 Remedies for Excessive Sweating

March 27, 2020 4 min read

Sweat, we all do it. In fact, we need to do it. Sweating is a necessary function of the body designed to help regulate your body temperature. However, when your body produces too much sweat, it can lead to soaked clothes and even social anxiety. When sweating is extreme, it becomes a condition called hyperhidrosis. If this speaks to you, don’t fret! Read on to learn how to stop sweating so much.
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work from home wardrobe

How to Build a Work-from-Home Wardrobe

March 25, 2020 4 min read

Working from home has suddenly become a new normal for many people worldwide. While some welcome the chance to work remotely, others scramble to feel a sense of normalcy. Your routine may feel too loose, especially if you don’t spend an hour commuting each way. This transition into a new normal may make the simplest decision overwhelming… like what to wear when you work from home. If you’re wondering how to build a work-from-home wardrobe, keep reading for simple tips to make this transition smoother.
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how to get sweat stains out of white shirts

How to Get Sweat Stains Out of White Shirts

March 20, 2020 4 min read

A crisp white shirt is a beacon of professionalism and freshness. But after a particularly active day, your white shirt may have lost some of its luster… and even worse, it may have sweat stains developing on it. From past experience, you know that sweat stains can be difficult to get out. Before you spend money on professional laundering or toss out your soiled white shirt, consider treating the stains yourself with these eight treatments.
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smelly armpits even with deodorant

Smelly Armpits Even with Deodorant? How to Get Rid of Underarm Smell

March 16, 2020 5 min read

Underarm odor is truly the pits. It’s especially frustrating when it creeps up in the middle of the day, even after you’re applied deodorant. Because body odor can be embarrassing and isolating, you may find it hard to work or socialize without worrying who may catch a whiff. We’ve collected a list of tips to help you avoid smelly armpits so you can work and play with confidence. Keep reading to learn how everything from your soap to your shirt can either help – or hinder – your fight against BO.

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how to stop sweating underarms naturally

How to Stop Sweating Underarms, Naturally

March 10, 2020 5 min read

Armpit sweat is something that everyone has encountered. After all, it’s a natural body function. However, when the sweat becomes excessive, it may start to adversely affect your life. It can lead to social anxieties, create problems at work, and increase your apparel costs. Medical solutions for axillary hyperhidrosis are available. But what if you want to know how to stop sweating underarms naturally? Keep reading for 9 home remedies for underarm sweating. 

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