How to Stop Sweating Naturally: 16 Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating

May 07, 2020 5 min read

how to stop sweating naturally

When people find sweat literally rolling off their skin without an obvious cause, they may have hyperhidrosis. This medical condition is caused by overactive nerves that send signals to the sweat glands, resulting in excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis may be hereditary, or it may be caused by underlying health conditions or medication.

Whatever the cause of your excessive sweating, we have collected 16 ways to help you reduce perspiration. This guide offers ideas on how to stop sweating naturally, with a number of home remedies for those who prefer a homeopathic approach.

Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating

We all react differently to treatments. Because of this, it is important to talk with your doctor before trying a new method to stop excessive sweat. During your appointment, you can discuss the natural therapies you are considering, potential side effects, and any interactions they may have with medications or supplements you are currently taking.

Many of these topical treatments, diet, and lifestyle adjustments will help with excessive sweat in areas other than your armpits, such as your back, hands, and feet. For your convenience, we've even put together an Amazon list of sweat proof essentials you'll need for some of these remedies.

1. Apply Baking Soda and Cornstarch Mixture Underarms

Kicking off our list of natural remedies for sweating is a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch. You can prepare this natural antiperspirant by mixing together 5 tablespoons of cornstarch, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and 6 tablespoons of Shea butter. (You may wish to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to enhance the smell.) Once the mixture has a creamy consistency, apply it to your underarms with your fingertips. Store the mixture in a large jar with a lid.

2. Use Lemon Juice as Antiperspirant

Another home remedy for excessive sweating is lemon juice, which has natural antibacterial qualities and a fresh scent. This treatment requires minimal preparation. Simply squeeze half a lemon into a small bowl, and apply the juice directly onto clean armpits using cotton balls.

3. Use OTC All-Natural Antiperspirant

Another way to stop sweating naturally is to purchase an over-the-counter all-natural antiperspirant at your local health store or online. Natural antiperspirants do not contain aluminum as found in most clinical-strength antiperspirants. They are typically made without dyes and preservatives.

home remedies for excessive sweating

4. Shave Your Armpits

A simple way to reduce excessive sweating is to shave your armpit hair. Moisture cannot evaporate when trapped by hair, which causes a buildup of sweat and odor. Also, your natural antiperspirant will be more effective when making direct contact with the skin.

5. Eat the Right Foods

A natural way to stop sweating is to be conscious of what you’re eating. The key is to consume foods that ease your digestive process, like almonds, bananas, and oats. Fresh fruit and vegetables with a high water content such as spinach, cantaloupe, broccoli, and grapes, are also favorable choices.

 6. Avoid the Wrong Foods

Just as eating the right foods can help to reduce sweating, so can avoiding the wrong types of food. Foods that are low in fiber, contain a lot of sodium, or are high in fat will force your body to work harder to process and digest. As a result, reduce or avoid processed foods, ice cream, spicy dishes, and caffeine.

7. Choose Healthy Drinks

Natural ways to stop sweating also include making healthy choices when it comes to drinks.

  • Tomato juice shrinks pores, which helps slow excessive sweating.
  • Wheatgrass juice is packed with vitamins and a natural detoxifier. Consuming one tablespoon a day dilutes toxins in the blood, which helps combat sweat and reduce body odor.
  • Decaffeinated green tea contains magnesium and Vitamin B, which aids in constricting sweat glands. It also helps to keep you calm, thus preventing stress sweat.

8. Limit or Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Another natural remedy for excessive sweating is to limit or avoid alcohol and caffeine altogether. Drinking alcohol can widen the blood vessels in your skin and increase your heart rate, which causes the body to react with more sweat. Caffeine causes the same effects as alcohol and it stimulates the nervous system, which means more sweat.

Managing your stress levels can help reduce sweating and promote overall health and well being.

9. Increase Your Water Consumption

When you are dehydrated your body produces more sweat. So drinking plenty of water is one of the best natural remedies for excessive sweating. Keeping your body well hydrated also aids in digestion, which is also useful for those looking at how to stop sweating naturally.

10. Stop Smoking

The nicotine consumed while smoking behaves similarly to caffeine by raising your body temperature, increasing your heart rate, and overstimulating your sweat glands. Quitting smoking is a good idea for those looking to decrease excessive sweating, as well as improving overall health.

11. Use Sage or Black Tea as a Topical Treatment

Both sage and black tea contain tannic acids that constrict pores and decrease their size. To use as a topical treatment, steep the leaves or tea bags for several minutes and allow to cool to room temperature. Apply to the affected area using a cotton ball and repeat several times a day as needed.

12. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar or Witch Hazel as a Natural Astringent

Our next suggestion for those wondering how to stop sweating naturally is the use of apple cider vinegar and witch hazel. Both liquids can be used as natural astringents to control bacteria that cause odor and reduce the size of pores to help limit sweat.

  • Apple cider vinegar is best applied at night and washed off in the morning. (Avoid applying vinegar to freshly shaved armpits to prevent burning.)
  • Witch hazel is gentle enough to be used on the face and applied with a cotton ball before rinsing off after 30 minutes.

reduce perspiration naturally

13. Try a Salt Rub

Salt naturally absorbs moisture. Its properties can also be harnessed to manage sweat. As soon as the sweating begins apply the salt directly to the affected area to absorb the liquid. (Avoid applying salt to freshly shaved armpits to prevent burning.)

14. Practice Relaxation Techniques or Meditation

Some people who suffer from hyperhidrosis find that anxiety and stress can worsen their symptoms. Managing your stress levels can help reduce sweating and promote overall health and well being. There are many relaxation techniques available and tools accessible online to support your practice. For example, meditation focuses on breathing to help you reach a trance-like, relaxed state of mind.

15. Choose Breathable Fabrics and Avoid Synthetics

Changes to your wardrobe can help reduce perspiration naturally. Opt for breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen, which allow air to flow through them easily. This speeds up sweat evaporation and keeps you cool.

16. Wear Ejis Sweat Proof Basics

Protect your clothing from sweat marks and body odor with Ejis sweat proof boxer briefs and undershirts (available in our web store and Amazon.) All of our sweat proof products have a silent waterproof layer and the fabric is fused with silver to fight odor. 

Some of these natural treatments may prove to be affordable and safe alternatives to traditional medical options, and a big step to living a more fulfilling life. By wearing Ejis sweat proof products, you can experience "wearable confidence" as you find new ways to naturally prevent excessive sweating.

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