How to Stop Being That Sweaty Guy

October 15, 2022 6 min read

how to stop being that sweaty guy

Image is everything, right? Whether you’re looking for a promotion or a date with the girl of your dreams, you need to nail that first impression. The only problem is you sweat a lot doing nothing at all, even though it looks like you just left hot yoga.

To learn how to stop being that sweaty guy, you first need to know the reasons for excessive sweating. Keep reading to learn about excessive sweating causes and how to maintain a polished image without the glow of sweat.

Reasons for Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a natural body function. But what causes you to sweat so much and so easily? While it could be situational, it could also be a sign of a medical condition.


When you sweat a lot for no apparent reason, you could have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. In the simplest terms, hyperhidrosis causes overactive sweat glands. This means your body overproduces sweat despite the temperature or activity level.

excessive sweating causes

This type of hyperhidrosis is called primary focal hyperhidrosis, causing equal sweating on both sides of the body. Most commonly, sweating occurs in “focal” areas of the body, like your face, feet, hands, head or underarm.

Underlying medical condition or medication

When excessive sweat is caused by an underlying medical condition or medication, it is considered secondary hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating occurs over the entire body, not just in focal areas. With secondary hyperhidrosis, you may also experience night sweats.

If your excessive sweating isn’t caused by medical reasons, then it could be a result of your lifestyle or diet.

Stress or Anxiety

When your levels of stress and anxiety increase, your body temperature also increases. This can cause you to sweat even more. In fact, stress sweat can cause your body to secrete about 30 times more sweat than normal.

To add insult to injury, you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when sweating in public, which can further increase your anxiety.

Your Diet

One of the most common reasons for excessive sweating is your diet. Some foods or beverages trigger your sweat glands. Examples are spicy foods, those that are difficult to digest, and caffeinated and alcoholic beverages can all force your body to sweat more.

Spicy foods and those that are difficult to digest cause your body temperature to rise, which activates your sweat glands. Caffeine and alcohol increase your heart rate, causing your blood pressure to rise. When this happens, your body simulates its flight or fight response, which sets your sweat glands into motion.

How to Stop being that Sweaty Guy in 10 Ways

If you sweat a lot, how do you deal with it? Let’s look at 10 ways to help manage excessive sweating.

1. Rethink your diet.

While reducing your intake of sweat-provoking foods or look to foods and beverages that help manage or even tame your sweat glands. First, limit your intake of spicy foods, and caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. Then eat smaller portions to help manage the metabolic heat needed to break down food.

2. Increase your water intake.

Drink at least the recommended amount - or more - of water every day. This helps flush out toxins in your body, improves digestion, and helps regulate your body temperature. (And don’t believe anyone who says that drinking more water will make you sweat more.)

how do you deal with excessive sweating

3. Focus on foods that actually reduce sweating.

Many fruits and vegetables are known for their sweat-reducing properties. Spinach, bananas, melons, and lettuce all help with hydration, thus keeping your body temperature at an optimal level.

Foods that are nutrient-rich, like eggs, almonds, and salmon can balance your body and avoid deficiencies that make your body work harder to function. All of that extra work means more sweat production. Calcium-rich foods, like cheese, yogurt, and milk, regulate your body temperature… just be sure to choose low-fat options.

4. Reconsider the antiperspirant you use.

If your current antiperspirant has stopped working for you, look for a new one based on these recommendations.

Make sure you are using antiperspirant instead of deodorant. Many people use the terms interchangeably, but only antiperspirant is designed to stop sweat. It works by coating your sweat glands to stop or slow down sweat production for a time.

Look at over-the-counter clinical-strength antiperspirants. There are products sold online or in drug stores that contain the highest level of active ingredients allowed without a prescription.

5. Learn how and when to apply your antiperspirant.

Apply your antiperspirant at night - not in the morning. By applying antiperspirant at night to clean skin, you allow it to take hold while you sleep. Additionally, most people sweat less at night, which prevents the product from being washed away.

Be sure your skin is completely dry and only apply a thin layer. There is no benefit to slathering on. Consider shaving or trimming your underarm hair so your antiperspirant can make closer contact with your skin.

If you have a sweaty face, look for antiperspirants designed for faces or sensitive skin.

6. Keep sweat essentials close by. 

When your excessive sweating compounds your anxiety, then having the tools you need may allay it. Look at your daily activities from morning until night, and plan for the worst case scenario.

Consider a day with all your sweat triggers: humid weather; crowded commute; long meetings in close quarters; stuffy office spaces; presentation to the board… whatever makes you sweat.

Depending on your specific needs, you may want to pack in a small bag or container with:

  • Antiperspirant, if you need to apply it midday
  • Baby wipes, to clean sweaty skin
  • Cotton balls and astringent, to clean skin
  • Disposable plastic bags or reusable waterproof bags, to store wet items
  • Dry shampoo, to apply to sweaty hair
  • Ejis sweat proof undershirts, sweat proof boxer briefs, and/or antimicrobial dress socks
  • Handkerchiefs or soft paper towels, to wipe off sweat
  • Medicated powder, to help with chafing
  • Refillable water bottles, to stay hydrated 
drinking water helps with excessive sweating symptoms

7. Wear sweat-friendly clothes and shoes.

Some clothes will naturally allow your skin to breathe or are designed to wick sweat away from your skin. Use these simple guidelines when planning your day, based on the way you sweat.

  • Choose breathable cotton or other fabrics made from natural fibers for office and casual attire.
  • Wear sweat-wicking fabrics designed for athletic activities.
  • Only go barefoot in sandals or flipflops to allow feet to breathe.
  • Look for breathable socks and shoes.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and shoes.
  • Learn what colors hide sweat marks when sweating is inevitable.

8. Be like Goldilocks, and keep it tepid.

For this reference, we are talking about the temperature of your shower, not porridge. Because your body’s internal temperature has a direct impact on your sweat glands, maintain a tepid water temperature when bathing. Taking a shower or bath with water that is too hot (or even too cold) may activate your sweat glands. 

9. Manage stress and anxiety with deep breathing exercises.

We know, it’s easier said than done. But if you are prone to stress sweat, then it behooves you to work on managing your stress and anxiety.

One tried-and-true way to calm your nerves is to practice deep breathing - or belly breathing - exercises. In addition to being extremely effective, you can do it anywhere.

  • Place one hand on your belly (by your navel).
  • As you inhale, breathe deeply, and push out your belly.
  • You should feel your hand move as you breathe deeply.
  • Exhale, relaxing your belly. Repeat 5 times.

10. Talk to your doctor. 

If you are unable to manage your excessive sweating on your own, you may need the help of a professional. When meeting with your doctor, be sure to talk about your symptoms and any known triggers. Together you can explore various treaments for hyperhidrosis, ranging from topical treatments to oral medications to procedures.

If you aren’t quite ready to talk to your doctor, then check out the International Hyperhidrosis Network. This website is dedicated to educating people about hyperhidrosis and features sections on symptoms, treatments, insurance tools and more.

By looking into these 10 tips on how to stop being that sweaty guy, you are on your way to managing your problem with excessive sweating. By wearing Ejis sweat proof undergarments (buy from our shop or on Amazon), you can stop sweat from reaching your clothes and causing embarrassing sweat marks. All of our sweat proof undergarments feature an ultra thin waterproof barrier in the places you need it most, and anti-odor technology to keep you feeling fresh all day.

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